who/what do you have to be to get into macworld?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by jeffuwee, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Aug 31, 2008
    heh. ive just been wondering other than the executives and ceo's and putting up exhibits/sponsoring what about the normal people do they ever get into macworld? tha'td be awesome lol. i live near sf haha.
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    The vast majority of people who attend Macworld are just normal people. :) In 2007, more than 45k people attended -- there's not that many executives and CEOs.

    There's essentially three parts of Macworld:
    1. The exhibits hall. This is where all of the companies show off their stuff, ranging from the massive Apple booth to the small indie shops that have a teensy booth (big enough to have two people sit in, plus a laptop between them). Exhibit hall passes are usually sold for a ~$50, but many companies and user groups get a limited number for free. You'll start seeing posts about free exhibit hall passes in the next couple of months. And check out the local Mac User Groups -- you're in the SF area, so there's LOTS of 'em. If you're on the Peninsula, the Silicon Valley MUG meets on Apple Campus.
    2. The conference program. This is where you can learn about all things Mac, ranging from user-level stuff (think iPhoto and iMovie) to stuff for IT admins (how to manage servers, how to more effectively use Apple Remote Desktop, that kind of thing). There's a lot of hugely useful information in the conference program, but passes to this are expensive (at least several hundred dollars), depending on which track you want to attend. The price list and sessions for Macworld Expo 2009 haven't been announced yet, look for that in the next couple of months too.
    3. The Stevenote. This gets its own line only because everyone knows about it. :) The only way that you can get into the Stevenote is if you have a conference program pass -- one of the cheap/free exhibits hall passes won't cut it.

    Once the full line-up for the conference is announced, I'm sure that links to the sessions and the cost will get posted here. Then you'll have to decide whether it's worth it to you to attend. I think it's definitely worth it to get a free exhibits hall pass to check out the floor and see what's there (and to see what kind of free swag and contests the various companies are running in their booths). You'll have to decide for yourself if a conference pass is worth the cost -- if you just want to see the Stevenote, then it's probably not worth the several hundred.

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