Why $329? And why a new iPad now?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Fernandez21, Oct 27, 2012.

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    It seems a lot of people have been asking this type of question and think apple has made a big mistake with the "high" iPad mini price and updating the iPad after only 6 months. But when thinking this out, it seems apple is just setting itself up for next year. Here are my opinions on why they did what they did.

    Why $329? Simple, they want to save the $199 price point for the lower end, much like iPhones, iPods, and iPads, apple keeps around the older generation at a lower price. Next year when the new iPad mini comes out, this current version will be reduced to $199. And there is no incentive on them to release at that price point right now. Sure the nexus 7 and kindle are very good tablets for $199, they are not necessarily setting sales charts on fire, at $329 they are close enough to be competitive.

    Why update the iPad after only 6 months? I'll be honest, I kinda freaked the second I saw the iPad 4th generation slide, that I immediately went to gazelle and got my $550 price secured before it dropped (it was down under $500 last time I checked). It did get me a little peeved, but after calming down it seems what apple is going to do is move the iPad launch window to the summer, probably WWDC, so they can have the new iPads ready for back to school. At this point apple had two choices, wait until June or release now with the iPad mini. They probably didn't want to have an extended life cycle with the old dock connector they are trying to move away from, and probably want to get back to the cycle of debuting their new processor with iPad like they have in the past, and this sets them up nicely for that.

    So while some of the moves were a little perplexing right now, I believe next June at WWDC they will refresh the iPad line up and have end up like this:
    iPad mini (2012) - $199
    iPad mini (2013) - $299
    iPad 4th generation - $399
    iPad 5th generation - $499

    An iPad at every price point.
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    because fanboys are hungry for apppppppple ciiiiiider baby!! :apple:
    conans ipad mini commercial is so true lol
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    Yeah they aren't going to drop the price by $129 just because it has been a year. They dropped iPad 2 by $100, but that was a 20% drop. You are talking about taking 40% off.

    Maybe to $279 and keep it 16GB. $329 for the new retina model with A6X (And the new iPad 5th gen having an A7X.)
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    It makes no sense for Apple to release the iPad mini with a retina display. Not now, and not even in the next revision (which is probably a solid year away). The iPad 4, 4th generation iPad or simply, "iPad" - as we are meant to see it, is just a refresh with better capabilities, at the same price. Why? 100 Million iPads sold.
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    What's likely going to happen is this.

    iOS devices have shifted from Spring/Summer launches to fall. This allows Apple to capitalize on the biggest spending spree quarter in the US.

    Laptops will be upgraded in the Spring/Summer in time for Back to School. Note that the last two iPhone launches have been Sept/Oct and now we've got the iPad 4 and mini to add to that list.

    The next iPad 5 and iPad mini II will come in a year. Not in Spring or Summer. The next iPad mini will not be $199. There will likely be a $249 model but even that is iffy.

    I suspect we'll have the first Retina iPad mini a year from now and the price will be $299 and contain an IGZO 7.85 screen and an A6 processor.

    Apple's not going to play at the $199 pricing. For all the chatter about Google and Amazon offerings neither company has announced stellar quarterly earnings. Amazon lost 100 million dollars. They've got a lot of books and other stuff to sell to make up for it.
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    Just lost you all credability AFAIC
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    Is it really a problem to release an updated product into the marketplace, at the same price as the previous rev? Especially when it's essentially just phasing in to the same slot.

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