Why a Recall is unlikley

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by spookme, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Apr 29, 2009
    Having seen a lot of the comments on the site, the media speculation and just general bable across the net I thought I should put my two cents in.

    First off, I do have a 4, I'm on my second one having had all sorts of hardware issues (yes Mr. Jobs in my case hardware issues)

    I believe it's unlikley i "recall" is likely, firstly because for this to happen you would have thought that shipping of current devices would stop. Service providers like At&T or O2 here in the UK would have stopped sending devices out into the wild, after all in most cases its there staff that get the angry customer in store wanting an exchange.

    This would have led to O2 and other providers being aware that something was going to happen and ultimately it would have found its way on to our fantastic forum AKA Mac Rumours.

    Not being an engineer I find myself unable to comment on the actual problem, but would imagine that todays annoucement will be more about what they have actually found wrong with the device, what they think they need to do to put it right and then some how twist it into a "your still holding it wrong"

    To put another slant on the issue, remember when the first lot of leaked pics came out, I seem to remember there was suggestion of a second design for the device, just in case there were manufacturing issues....

    Could we see the current device cease to be sold and this other device replacing it?? again purely unfounded suggestion by myself, no advice or information or even proof available.

    I'm by no means a "fanboy" or a hater, just a regular apple customer who happens to think that the recall situation is unlikely, unfortunately I dont however think I have an answer for Steve Jobs, otherwise I'd be emailing him telling what I think he needs to do and why he should then employ me.

    Again, just my 2 cents, no warranty offered or guarntee, no screen shots (or it didnt happen) proof. :D
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    Riveting tale Chap, but unfortunately, you could have posted this in any of the other threads already about recalls and what not instead of cluttering the forum more. Think about it...

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