Why Apple made the right decision

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bbplayer5, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Im as big an android fanboy as they come.. That being said I bought the iPhone 4S.


    1. Ive had 2 different LTE phones and BOTH of them required a bulky extended battery just to last the day. Standard battery would be down to 50% just on standby just 4 hours into your day. In my case, by 12pm I was plugging my phone in at work.

    2. For whatever reason web pages load faster on 3G. Gizmodo, MacRumors, Engadget were all roughly 4-6 seconds faster on 3G. This is hard to comprehend but this was my experience. Yes, I deleted cache before these tests and even tested 3G FIRST. Downloading files, updating the OS, and hotspot was where LTE shined infinitely better.

    3. Screen size is nice, dont get me wrong, but it becomes bulky as hell. I honestly think the max size for a phone should be 4 inches. Even with the larger screens, the Android phones cant touch the iPhone. The screen on the iPhone is second to none - even to the SAMOLED screens.

    4. The cameras arent even close to the iPhone. Its very difficult to get a good picture on any android phone I have ever used.

    5. Plastic - every android phone feels like a toy!

    That being said I love Android and the way they push the market. Custom roms etc are addictive and really make your phone the best it can be. Its the hardware that just cannot be matched on the iPhone - even on the best high end Android phones. The Nexus Prime might make me eat my words, but its still android and will still have a horrible battery with the LTE chip in it.
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    You work 8pm-4am? That sucks.
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    Everyone thinks Apple is selfish & boring, but it's in their DNA to provide a top notch user experience. This is where they will not negotiate.

    When LTE is ready for primetime I'm sure we will get it.
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    Congrats on your switch to Apple. You'll find out soon enough why they're consistently #1 for customer satisfaction ;). It's really about the whole experience, and the ecosystem is great.

    I'm not terribly surprised that LTE isn't that fast, yet. It takes a long time to get the infrastructure up and running to the sort of capacity that 3G is currently. LTE may have more bandwidth, but there's less towers, and the few towers there are probably have more traffic, relatively, which is fractioning that bandwidth for each customer. No doubt some people get great LTE speeds in some places, but most people have either no coverage or bad coverage.

    I expect the iPhones will start getting LTE either late 2012, or maybe even 2013, because the low-power chips and networks just won't be ready until then.
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    I'm in the same boat. Been with Sprint for 15 years and have lots of perks. I've had the EVO since it launched but I've always wanted to try the iPhone. I have a MBP and an iPad2 but I refused to switch carriers just for the iPhone...needles to say, I'm extremely happy I will be the proud owner of an iPhone this Friday.
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    ha no.. 7:45am-3:45pm - You got me before I edited :p
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    This sums it up quite nicely. I completely agree.

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