Why AppleTV didn't get apps, yet.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by bonsaidetective, Sep 2, 2010.

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    After my initial temper tantrum due to lack of an AppleTV app store, I realized a few reasons why we don't have an app store yet.

    1. It's not ready.
    The fact that the interface did not change much tells me that this probably isn't the final incarnation for the software. If they really wanted to differentiate this AppleTV from the last, the interface would've been updated. This indicates that the true differentiation is yet to come. After all the current AppleTV interface is clunky and a little dated already IMHO.

    2. Netflix. The fact that they included Netflix means they know they can't just rely on internal content. I think the Netflix addition is a stopgap until real apps are available. It is, after all, one of the most popular and important additions to most set top boxes.

    3. Developers need more time. I'm not a developer, and I don't know how long writing an app takes. But I can assume that most app developers are still busy scrambling to update their apps for the iPad and the iPhone 4/retina display. If Apple would've dumped another SDK in their lap, they might not have had enough time to develop an app before launch. Apple will want the maximum amount of apps on launch, as the AppleTV will probably be the iOS with the least apps overall.

    4. The remote. Apple has to solve the problem of an input device to work with iOS. I think they are close with the Magic Mouse and the Trackpad. I keep thinking a remote the size of an iPod Touch but no screen. The entire thing would be touch. The remote would detect where your fingers hover over the remote and display their position on the tv. I think most people could easily type this way. The input device would be one of the most important aspects of an app store environment.

    5. Increase internet speeds. Apple also knows that a lot of people don't have fast enough internet speeds for AppleTV to truly take on cable. If people increase their internet speed to accommodate streaming to the AppleTV, then Apple would be in a much better position. They could launch an app store to those people with no ill effects.

    6. Saturate marketplace This product seems as though it will sell better than the last AppleTV. If Apple can place a couple million of these in homes, they could launch a very successful app store overnight. With the A4 chip, it could just be a software update. I do think Apple is more nervous about an AppleTV app store due to their fragile relations with networks. This would put them in a much better position to take them on.

    Most of this is probably wishful thinking. As you can tell I would like an AppleTV app store really badly.

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