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    Anyone have any ideas or speculation why it seems the 42mm Stainless Steel with the Black Sports Band have not moved from processing to the next state...as most other models have progressed further.

    There a several posts on this topic...this post is addressed to those that had the 4/24 - 5/8 window given to them after their order. So those that were able to order them in the first 10min when pre-ordering launched.

    Are they holding them all in China?
    Shipping them direct from China?
    They will all release on Thursday?

    Also I don't want to hear they are being used as samples in Apple stores. I read this morning that someone thinks Apple will ship them a used watch from a sample collection at the store.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone that is waiting...just like me!
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    Feb 12, 2010
    Then don't make a new thread for it.
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    Apr 16, 2015
    Look in the UK thread. As of 2 hours ago there seems to be non-stop SS with black sports bands shipping out. The US may follow soon. Appears they are doing the watches in batches.

    Quite possible that the SS with sports bands only just arrived in the country today. As the US larger than the UK it might take longer for the. To get to the new inventory which has just arrived so they can start processing.

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