Why are my "spaces" getting moved around?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by cybrscot, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I'm using spaces on my new MacBook Pro, but after some days of heavy use, switching back and fourth between applications, both using the dock to call up apps, and switching to the appropriate "space", I have spaces 1,2,3,4 setup.

    Sometimes I notice I'm using an application in space 3 that should be in space 2. This has happened a few times. I go into the system preferences and check, and everything is still the way I set it up. It may show that a certain program is setup to be in space 2, but when I click on it in the dock, it actually opens up in space 3?? Why is that? I don't see a way to move it back, I had to restart the computer and everything was back to normal. But it's frustrating when I need to overlay a window on top of safari, but can't because Safari is in space 2 and my program is in space 3, and switching between them causes the spaces to change, so I can't see both at the same time. And once again there both set for the same space in the sys pref. Any ideas??
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    You can move apps between spaces by showing all spaces (usually F8 on a MacBook) then dragging the window to the desired space. Alternatively, you can drag the window to the side of the screen where the space you want to move is and while still holding the mouse/trackpad button down let it sit for about one second. It'll then switch spaces. You can also use the hotkeys ctrl+1-4 while moving a window to move the window to the desired space.
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    Yes, but that doesn't explain this:

    That shouldn't happen. Did you install two versions and then delete the old one?

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