Mobile OSs Why are phones and tablets more gaming consoles than tools?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by gdourado, Nov 20, 2012.

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    So, I was thinking about this today...
    You go to the Google Play Store for android and on the tops of free and payed apps, like 85% are games. From casual games like angry birds to complex games like rpgs or adventure games.
    The same goes for ios... The top of downloads are games...

    I think this makes the tablets be replacements for ps vitas and Nintendo ds and not laptops...

    With this mentality from both consumers and developers, we will likely see less apps for real productivity and more and more games...

    I for one would like to see a really good office suite and productivity apps with clean and professional interfaces.

    But because developers know that games are what sells and that tablet users think a 10 dollar application is expensive, I fear we will not see tablets take off as real productivity tools...

    What's your thoughts on this?

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    Ok lets put it from a different prospective if you were a developer would you produce apps on the app store for free and let everyone have them for free or would you want to get payed for them.The reason there is so many game developers out there because they know its going to make money for them if they make other apps then its not going to bring in so much money in so that what they produce games.As long as people are buying tablets and smartphones there always be developers around making apps and making some money at the end of the day just earning just like someone going to work and earning money. Another way you could look at it would you go and work for someone for free or would you want to get payed for working i'am sure everyone would want to payed for doing the work for that person.Well if had to work for someone then i would want to get payed for doing it and if they said i wasn't getting payed i would be off simple.Its the way of the world unfortunately and it always going to be like that now because living cost are going up and everyone needs every doller they can get there hands on

    Well if i was a app developer i would want everyone to have my game and download the content for the game or buy gems or coins to get some money back for taken the time to make the game.

    Sorry to say it but its true no one does anything for free in this day and ages it always needs that five letter work of money at the end of the day money talks

    Just like apple they wouldn't give nothing out of the for free it always has that doller sign on it or that conversation is closed.

    Going about what you said about the office suite it un likely they would want to make something like that because that wouldn't be interested really because that would be in much compared to game which would be bring in a lot more to the developer at the end of the day the developer has to make money to keep a roof over there head and there more likely not to take a gamble and produce something that wouldn't take off

    Here a example there a office suite available for 10 dollars or there angry birds to buy 9/10 people are going to buy angry birds and play that instead of messing around with office suite games get first choice admin stuff would next in line there isn't many people doesn't really like to play some sort of game on there tablet or phone.

    i hope my views have give you a bigger pictures of developers

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