Why are there no bot or macro apps for the ipod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by Dreams0fmacro, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Apr 27, 2011

    Someone really needs to make one,and because there are no others they would make hundreds of dollars selling them on cydia, I would make one myself but I have no idea about making apps...GIVE ME YOUR INPUT PEOPLE,I want to hear it!!...btw if you don't know what a macro is it is a program that records your mouse movements and keystrokes so that they can be replayed and automated,it makes life alot simpler...it can be used to automatically log you in to a website or as an auto forum poster,anyways tell me your thoughts...
    The closest app I've found resembling a macro is called auto web and is on the app store for free,it just records your web logins with http URL and stuff...so far I can't find anything to actually mimic the touch screens touches...
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    Apr 27, 2011
    "If you have no idea how to make apps, you shouldn't be attempting something like this as your first project.

    Anywho, to anyone who would possibly make this, there's an undocumented method in either SpringBoard or UIApplication (I can't remember which) that records and plays back UI events. (I'm currently kind of busy, and the last time I saw that method was in early 2009, but it still might be there

    Ok,that's a start,where can I find it?
    Not my first app btw just first app like this

    i dont see whats the need for an app like that
    Let me give you a few awesome uses for an app like this,yahoo answers auto poster,auto forum poster,auto reply to e-mail,messages,calls...the uses go on...runescape bot,wow bot...anything bot

    NO native macro on ios yet. But if u want, use vnc and macro on pc so essnetially u automate stuff on idevice. Not ideal but ATM one of the better ways

    Yes,I have been aware of that method for quite some time now and have even managed to use imacro in success with cloud browse to create bots,but what I really want is to eliminate the need for these time consuming alternatives and create one native for the iPod touch...

    Why dont u help us all out and make one urself then?
    ...sigh...a project like this takes research,knowledge of previous attempts,optimism,beta testers,and ideas and support from those on this forum"

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