Why are these old numbers still appearing?

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    When I go to create a new message, and want to text my friend Ryan for instance, three of his numbers come up. When checking out the contact details, one number only appears. Can I stop these numbers from coming up?

    Sometimes it gets quite annoying when you don't know what number you're meant to be texting. It happens for a few other people as well.

    See pics for info. The first photo is what happens when I type his name, and the second photo is just scrolled down that same list. In his contact details there's no other numbers except the one you can see.

    So, I want to stop the numbers that end in '9517' and '7652' from appearing in the new message list.

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    Mar 12, 2013
    Try this to solve your problem:

    Make a new contact called Xxxxxxxxxx ( or !*&^% or some other garbage name!) and assign the old number to that.

    Then send a text to the old number.

    Now delete the new Xxxxxxxxxx contact, and the text message you sent.

    The old number will no longer trouble you when you start to text Ryan, even though still in the message cache, because it has been reassigned to a deleted contact beginning with Xxxxxxxxxx, and you are unlikely to want to text that again.

    That's easier than setting the phone up again as a new handset.

    Hopefully the folks at Apple tech. can sort this in iOS 7!

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    It's message history, like what happens in email. And no, right now you can't purge it. That is a feature request that I put in several times.

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