Why book selling in Amazon cost only $0.01

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by novetan, Jan 13, 2015.

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    They'll make a modest profit on shipping and make what they hope is a quick sale.
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    Sellers on eBay sometimes do this - they pay the site a percentage of what the item sells for, but not the shipping. So someone trying to circumvent paying eBay a significant portion of the sale simply charges $0.01 for the item and, say, $25 shipping (when the item costs much less than that to ship). eBay gets a "portion" of the $0.01, but not the $25.
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    Sep 3, 2010
    In this case, shipping cost is $3.99. Any idea how much the seller earn? I'm curious as to how on earth the pricing is so low and expect to earn something decent?
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    That doesn't happen anymore. Ebay charges commissions on shipping now.
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    If someone deals in used books/DVDs/CDs/etc they usually have some kind of volume shipping agreement which allows them to pay flat-rate($1-2 media mail padded envelopes) so their profit margin of flea market/yard sale purchases remain decent. In my experience be extremely careful as some sellers over-state the quality of used items, Amazon doesn't have much protection vs eBay as the seller isn't required to provide images of the item appearance of quality/edition. (some used sellers even try off-loading older editions of books or textboks without noting it)

    During the dotcom boom era Half.com was a popular place to buy new overstocks/used items, places like Overstock killed the "surplus" market and British used music/movie/games company called "Zoverstocks" leveraged a Funcoland/GameStop presence of pushing used prices painfully cheap(profit via shipping).
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    Dec 2, 2014
    As a seasoned amazon merchant, the 1 cent people are only making a few pennies. But they offer the books because they make thousands of transactions a day, and that can equal a decent amount of profit. It's by no means the BEST way to make money, but they do what they can.

    I usually don't sell anything that has a value of less than $5 (shipping not included). I maybe sell two or three things a day, but it's worth it for me.
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