Why can't Apple get iCloud right

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    I've been waiting for a week for my 8 photos to sync with iCloud. I have plenty of space, tried ALL of the suggestions like turning icloud photos off and on, rebuilding library, restarting the mac, killing processes etc and NOTHING works. I specifically use Mac OS so I don't have to put up with this BS. I have a gigabit connection and I check through activity monitor, NO DATA is being sent or received!!!! It is stuck and it will be stuck forever it seems, I have HAD IT. Anyone suggest anything that's not suggested before? My photos library is around 50GB, and I keep adding photos only a few at a time to avoid this issue, but even then it got stuck. Whoever is in charge of iCloud should be CANNED. If a photo does not meet your "requirements" why not ignore it and tell me, I'd be happy to delete it or modify it.
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    I am having a myriad of problems with iCloud as well--mostly with iCal. Family calendar is spotty; sometimes it syncs between family members, sometimes it doesn't. I recently added three events, none of which showed up the day after. I logged out of iCloud, then back in, then I had TWO Family accounts instead of one and tons of duplicates. Rinse and repeat and I am back to one account but now it is not shared. I had to re-add my family members AGAIN. Similar problems occurred with their devices. Apple Support offered no real help.

    I am about to go to Google and Android. At least Google is reliable.
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    Beats the heck outta me... It's what comes from multiple services all rolled into one.
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    I’m in the process of syncing my 172GB library to iCloud. It did some 7,000 photos and 56GB today after 8 hours. Basically just leave it alone, plug in your computer and let it do it’s thing. Whenever I try to make it do what I want it to do I end up screwing it up. Yeah, iCloud doesn’t utilize my entire 100mbps up fios connection.

    Google photos is really good. All my photos are there. This is my first time trying to get my library to iCloud.

    One big thing I don't like about iCloud, it syncs when it wants to. So, I open my laptop this morning and for 15 mins now the uploading hasn't moved. Now it just starts to upload my pictures again, after 15 mins of opening my MBP this morning. Now it's plowing along. 57,762 to go. :) I hope to get over 10k+ uploaded today.

    My point is, had I not let it do its thing, I could have wasted time rebooting, killing the app, trying to get it to go. It goes when it wants to, and as long as it is left alone, seems to do its thing. Definitely a lot slower than other cloud services.

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