why did they remove the charging light and clip thing?


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Jun 26, 2013
I just got my brand new 2017 13 RMBP W TB...

Loving it so far, however im wondering why they messed with the charger? Removing the things to loop the cable around, removing the little clip thing at the end, and removing charging lights... they all seem a step backward...

I'm sure its charging when its plugged in but its nice having a lil light confirming that you know?



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Jan 23, 2017
My guess is they removed the clips partly because the thickness of the new cable makes it less practical to wind, partly because the cable is now removable, and partly because I think those clips were contributing to an early demise of the former MagSafe cable by placing more strain & wear on it than using a Velcro tie does with a larger 'loop'. I agree a charging indicator on the cable would have been really nice as this was always a huge benefit of MagSafe.
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