Why did you buy your iphone?


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Sep 22, 2012
Palma de Mallorca
share your story... :D

well my first smarphone was the "worlds fastest phone" and also, worlds first dual core phone... wait for it... waaaaait for it.... the moto atrix... now i was fu**ing amazed by awesome it was, like trully awesome, the camera, the apps, games and etc... the web dock thingy was WTF, desktop on my phone. but after i found out about rooting, i was shocked, i could do soo much, like overclocking, way better ram management, new roms, a LOT of customization, well, after a while i found out how fast android phones get outdated, like really fast... maybe after 4 months my phone was crap and people wouldnt pay 200 bucks for it on ebay. the android apps would be updated to use the new, better hardware forgetting the older phone (say games, me is gamer mon, me needs good os/hardware experience). a bit later the s2 came out and my atrix sucked. so i got the s2... well i should have seen it coming (although i must say, i have always been an apple fan, my house was always an apple house, my dad gave me my first computer and it was one of the goodlooking fellow, imac? the blue- colored tube monitor. dont quite remember what it was called)... anyways, i always likes android experience, ics was one of the best user interfaces i had played around with, except that the manufacture rush out phones sooo fast that if u buy one, the next month they release a better one (yes motorola razr, im talking about you). so it doesnt matter how good your phone ism there will be a better one within the next two months.

well i sold the galaxy s2 and went for the.... tadadadaaaaaaaaa
galaxy nexus prime :D
well... i loved it at first few month, i made a few tweaks and got my self a 400mhz cloked gpu and 1.4 dual core cpu. enough? sure, it was blazing fast, it got hot very fast so i decided to get rid of oveclocks and go back to stock- ish... ics using a very famous rom, which i cant recall right now. anyways... i loved the "hugescreen" for the first few months... then it struck me.. man i always go through some trouble to get it out of my pants...then, boy, why are there no micro usb stereos, and billions of gadgets for android as there is for the iphone? well, nough said... what did i buy next? tada da daaaaam....

an ipod touch 4g. i had just got my paycheck and didnt know if i was gonna blow it all on an iphone, i was just 18 and not getting paid a lot (bout 1200 bucks and living on my own). so u blew 399 bucks on a ipod. MAN, from the moment i turned my ipod on i new i had to get a damn iphone, i just loved the desing, the way it felt. MAN, i loved it... well, again i couldnt blow 699 bucks on an iphone 4s 64gb so i went for the 32gb version, and i fit me pretty well i must say. sold my g nexus. and that was about 4 months ago :D well thats my story.. whats yours? (btw, i have everything apple now, just like my dad... and he always told me to go for the iphone... oh shame not to having listened to him.. except for a pc which i still keep for hardcore gaming, wich lest face, macs cant really do it..yet :D)


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Jul 5, 2008
I got my first iPhone, the 4s, because I was sick and tired of my Droid 2 and older Blackberry Bold. Also, my iPod was dying and I wanted a better camera, so I figured why not get the iPhone it will solve everything!


Oct 27, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
To be cool.

Edit for seriousness: When the iPhone was announced in 2007, I was amazed. I wanted it NAO, but it wasn't available in Canada. I moved to Los Angeles in Feb 08, and the very next day went to The Grove and bought a 16GB 1st gen iPhone. From there, I upgraded when the 3GS came out, again when the 4 came out, and then ordered a 5 after midnight when pre-sales started. I converted my wife from a dumb phone to a 4S, and she can't believe she went that long without one. I received my 5 on launch day, and am in love with the iPhone all over again. This thing is fast....there's almost zero lag.

The iPhone was my first smartphone. Before 2007, I wanted a Blackberry, but never got one because I really felt it was limited in its functions. Of course, the iPhone has its limits as well, but I rarely notice them.

I stick with iPhone because it delivers what I want. I'm not loyal simply because it's Apple. If another company came out with something mind-blowing, I'd strongly consider it.
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May 14, 2012
I got my first iPhone, the 4s, because I was sick and tired of my Droid 2 and older Blackberry Bold. Also, my iPod was dying and I wanted a better camera, so I figured why not get the iPhone it will solve everything!
I'm in this same picture but replace droid 2 with droid x and blackberry bold with storm.


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Jun 7, 2008
It was an awesome first smartphone.

I'd just started University and gotten myself a part-time job, and Apple had recently released the iPhone 3G. If I remember correctly there wasn't an Android selection to choose from yet so it was a pretty easy decision.

I liked the design, the smoothness of the UI, the responsive touch screen, that it synced with my Mac, how good the browser was etc.

Keep in mind that back then smartphones were quite ****. The iPhone was a no-brainer.

I remember using Maps for the first time over 3G to find the nearest supermarket from my halls of residence. Seems really lame now but it blew my frickin mind. The Motorola flip phone that I'd had for 2 years previously had an inch screen and a WAP browser...


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Aug 19, 2010
I got my first and only iPhone a couple years back for my 30th. I had some birthday money and thought "why the hell not?"


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Aug 17, 2007
I got mine so I wouldn't have to carry around 2 devices. I used to carry a phone and a Palm T|X to keep track of my life.


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Mar 7, 2006
I was a first generation iPhone owner, and loved it. It was truly revolutionary at that point. I upgraded a while later to the iPhone 4 and after that, I got a little bored. So, I went Android and bought a Nexus w/Jelly Bean. Hated it. The ecosystem isn't there for me. Don't get me wrong, Android has it's pros and cons, and I know some guys that love it, and that's good. It just isn't the phone for me. There are plenty of apps, but it's not quite as refined as iOS's ecosystem. Gazelled the Nexus and waited for the much rumored iPhone 5 to launch. At 2:31 AM, morning of the launch, I preordered a black iPhone 5 16 GB. It's good to be home.



Jan 18, 2005
I've always been into PDA style devices.

Age 11, wanted a laptop like you'd never believe. Settled on something I could afford by saving up - a Pocket PC. Wanted a Casio EM500, by the time I could afford one they were old hat. Picked up a Toshiba E310 for college. Always wanted a proper mobile phone+pocket PC device, but didn't like what Windows Mobile was doing so I held off for years.
Then along came the iPhone. Couldn't afford one at first (university) but picked up an iPod touch instead. That got me building up a huge iOS app list and basically tied my future self into getting an iPhone.


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Jul 20, 2008
Got the first gen iPhone after apple dropped the price and pissed off all the early buyers. Skipped the 3G, upgraded to 3GS, then iPhone 4, and now iPhone 5. From now on ill only be upgrading for redesigns, so no S's for me.


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Aug 19, 2008
The Anthropocene
I had a Palm Pre and an HTC EVO 4G before the iPhone 5. Each was good in its own way, and each had its annoyances. I went with the iPhone this time for the sake of something new. Might as well!


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Nov 8, 2011
Steve Jobs told me too.

I've been collecting smart phones for a few years (Palm/WM/Android). I thought that the iPhone looked great, but I was never too keen on how locked down the eco system initially was (No apps for real!?), and how much functionality it was missing to be called a smartphone. I've kept my eye on them and decided to make the leap after they were no longer exclusive to ATT and after their functionality caught up to Android.

Still lagging in some areas, but overall a great product.