Why didn't iTunes Match, Match my songs?

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    I signed up for iTunes Match a few days ago and I have a few questions about it that hopefully someone here can help me out with. I did submit a question to Apple about this and they simply sent me a link back for this website. Anyway, after running iTunes Match everything seemed to be ok. Except when I play back some songs, they sound like the same "old" songs i had before. I cleared out my library of all music I had actual copies of on my PC so to be sure that iTunes Match was playing the song from the cloud. But when I play some songs back, they dont sound like I hoped they would sound. For example, I have a song that was ripped from the video of the song, the video had an intro to it that isnt really on the song. So i assumed after running iTunes Match that it would simply match the song in it's data base since it is available in the store and I would be givin that copy of it. Am I miss understanding this? I thought if I had a song in my library that was available in the itunes store that when iCloud played me back that song it would be the one from the store. Thanks!
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    Even if the song is in the iTunes Store, that doesn't mean it'll get matched. The best way to check if they were matched is to view your songs as a list in iTunes and then right-click or control-click the Time, Artist and Album area and turn on iCloud Status. This will tell you if it was matched or uploaded.
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    Oh ok cool. I was trying to find an option to do that, Thank you!
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    So if you have songs that are uploaded and not matched and iTunes does have those songs what is the best method to get them matched.

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