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Why didn’t you purchase the new 2020 iPad Pro?

  • No A13X chip

    Votes: 55 41.0%
  • No faster Face ID

    Votes: 9 6.7%
  • No improvement in build quality

    Votes: 35 26.1%
  • No increase in battery life

    Votes: 18 13.4%
  • No increase in screen brightness

    Votes: 11 8.2%
  • No 5g

    Votes: 22 16.4%
  • No micro led screen

    Votes: 32 23.9%
  • No magic keyboard available at launch

    Votes: 21 15.7%
  • Price too high

    Votes: 23 17.2%
  • Camera not the same as on iPhone 11 Pro/Max

    Votes: 10 7.5%
  • No larger screen

    Votes: 9 6.7%
  • No improvement on Apple Pencil

    Votes: 8 6.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 34 25.4%
  • Not the right time to purchase with what’s going on right now

    Votes: 44 32.8%

  • Total voters


macrumors 68020
Sep 2, 2015
Why didn’t you purchase the new 2020 iPad Pro?
There Is no 2020 iPad Pro it’s a 2018 1/2 iPad Pro. If hounded someone a 2018 and a 2020 iPad Pro they would have zero way to tell them apart besides the cameras on the back.

2016 to 2017 was a huge leap in CPU power and 120hz ProMotion. And 2017 to 2018 was a gigantic leap in CPU, RAM, design, USB-C and Apple pencils 2. 2018 to 2020 nothing of significance Period.
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Oct 19, 2015
With no magic keyboard available at launch I paused my purchase. Now I see they have made no significant improvements + no structural reinforcement to the weak spots of the casing, my choice would now be to wait for the magic keyboard and buy a refurbished 12.9". Or wait until last quarter to see if a newer model is released.

The Game 161

macrumors Penryn
Dec 15, 2010
Even as somebody who bought the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 if you have the 2018 then no i wouldn’t upgrade.

The extra ram is great and noticeable but not enough to upgrade from your 2018 models.

Because I’m a fool i sold my 12.9 last year and went to The MacBook Air and now i sold my MacBook Air to get the 12.9 it and love the trackpad as this is my laptop/tablet combo and it works well.

I don’t expect it will be worth upgrading your 2018 pros until we see mini led...even if apple release a 5G/A14X chip by end of the year I would still say don’t upgrade TIL new screen tech is here
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macrumors 6502a
Feb 11, 2011
Why didn’t you purchase the new 2020 iPad Pro?
I don’t update my Apple products every year (iPhones, Macbooks, iMacs, iPads). I’ve got the 2017 256gb 10.5 pro (with the identifying decorative white spot just above the home button);).

I didn’t update to the 2018 pro because I like to skip a cycle. The 2020 to me felt like a minor ”spec bump” and not a real update. So, I guess I’ll continue on with my 2017 pro until I can truely “skip a cycle”. The 6gb ram (for me) is the only real update for the 2020. I’ve got an iPhone 11 that‘s “always” with cameras on the iPad aren‘t important to me. LiDAR seems cool, but I doubt I’d have a real use for it. The other updates seem very minor to me. Oh, I forgot about the “brighter“ True Tone that’s another “real“ update that’s hard to pass up;)

To be totally honest’s tough to “sit out” on an upgrade after having the 10.5 pro for 2 1/2 yrs now. I actually bought a new 2018 11 inch 256gb for $699...Still unopened as I think I’ll hang onto the 10.5 for another year and see what 2021 brings. Also, the base 2020 128gb model is tempting because 128gb is a real sweet spot for my storage needs.

Even if I kept the 2018 256gb 11 inch, my total cost would be: $699, plus minimum $179 for ASK folio, plus $125 for the Apple Pencil 2 (I’ve got the version 1), plus tax = $1,010.

What I think I’m gonna do: Return the 2018 iPad I bought and keep the 10.5 with it’s distinctive white spot above the home button...along with my pencil (gen 1). I’ll add the new Logitech Combo Touch keyboard/trackpad case ($149)..with pencil holder....and call it a day.

I think it’s best for me to practice a little “social distancing” from the 2020 update🦠.....and see what 2021 brings to the iPad.
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Apr 24, 2016
iPad Pro like most iPads last 3-5 years easily. Getting the latest is not always an immediate positive time saver in your workflow.

Besides the update was incremental this time around.
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macrumors regular
Dec 2, 2009
As much as I would like to get the new iPad, I need to have a good reason, my 10.5 Pro besides having a stubborn battery issue at random, and that’s not reason enough. It works beyond what I need it for, I’m not a power user by any means, But those 6 gigs of RAM is enticing.
Now if this new iPad had 5G and an A14X chip, I wouldn’t have been able to spend my money fast enough. Who knows, maybe later this year I’ll ”need” a new iPad, only time will tell.


Apr 25, 2015
Rural Southern Virginia
I love my 2018 12.9” iPP. I bought it with the intention of keeping it for three or more years.

I look forward to seeing what Apple comes up with in 2021 and 2022.
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macrumors 603
Aug 19, 2017
I really like the idea of mini LED, so I want to wait and see what happens with that at the end of the year. Other than that, I'd be perfectly happy buying the early 2020 model (coming from a gen 1 iPP that's still going great!). I have actually been tempted, and I might well be again once we start seeing sales, but as I will likely be keeping this a while I think I would regret it once mini LED models do appear.
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macrumors regular
Mar 24, 2020
Not a significant update for me. My 2018 never feel slow or need extra ram. I dont use the camera.

Happy i got to keep my iPad longer without feeling any envy haha. i’m more curious on the magic keyboard and glad apple made it compatible with the 2018.
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macrumors 65816
Jul 27, 2013
  1. My iPad Pro 10.5" still runs like new, despite shorter battery life and iPadOS 13 bugginess.
  2. I'm somewhere between unemployed and underemployed due to the virus. Also, a recession is likely to happen and this is really not the time for me to spend money on luxury items.
  3. Even if #2 wasn't a factor, I'd be holding out for a more significant update. I'd like an iPad with major processor improvements, more GPU improvements, longer battery life, and some type of display upgrades for more contrast. I'd prefer OLED, but it seems like that won't happen anytime soon, so microLED would probably be enough.
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macrumors 68030
Sep 16, 2006
Down south
Well I sold off my 2018 11” pro a few months back because it was overkill for me. I was planning to just use a 6th gen I had laying around here for a while. With an iMac and phone, though I use my iPad daily, I don’t use it for anything I can’t do on my iMac or phone.

It turned out, I had a grandchild whose iPad needed to be replaced, and I wound up having to buy something else for myself. I got the Air 3, and I really like it. It gave me the option of using ASK again (which I prefer to the keyboard folio, and a keyboard is the one thing I really do need in an iPad - for client meetings), it’s lightweight, the battery life is amazing, I prefer Touch ID on the pads to face ID and though it’s still really more than I need, I am super pleased with it.

Bottom line after all the rambling - I don’t really NEED a pro iPad, and although I’m a geek for the latest and greatest, I’m trying to keep myself from having more than I need. If a time comes when I can give up having an iMac, I’ll definitely go back to a pro as my main device and call it a day.


macrumors 68030
Jun 9, 2015
Because Apple couldn’t even do the bare minimum as far as upgrades. THE most boring but necessary upgrade would’ve been to the processor. That’s it. If thats all they did, i could at least say “well hey. There’s some improvement right there. Now its more future proof and can run more things“.

Did we get that? No. A processor bump is i repeat: THE BARE MINIMUM. I’m not like all up in arms angry over it or anything, but i do find it comical that people on here are finding ways to twist themselves in a knot to justify it. “But but dude bro. You dont understand. They gave us more ram!”

Oh wow more ram? Thats amazing /s. When we are so impressed easily by something as small as a bit more ram on an “entirely new” device, you know you’re trying a little too hard to justify something.

But hey I’m looking at it glass half full anyway. This just saved me money. I have a 2018 pro that still feels great and now i dont have that upgrade envy i usually get every year.

Side note: i predict theres a big reason they didnt upgrade the processor and it miiiiight have to do with Mac and 2021


macrumors regular
Dec 2, 2009
There is a pretty credible rumor of 5G and A14X at the end of this year.........I guess we wait and see.
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Staff member
May 3, 2009
2019 - I was saving up for a new iPad, wife and family given me some gift cards to help offset the cost, and now that the new iPad has arrived I'm unsure. To me, there's zero discernable differences in the 2020 iPad and the prior models. The cost of the keyboard/trackpad from apple is ludicrous and smacks of the ridiculous pricing for the Mac Pro, i.e., 400 dollar wheels and 1,000 monitor stand.

Maybe this fall if apple does rollout a new iPad but as of right now, I'm having a hard time justifying spending over grand on a tablet that does not offer any improvements to what I already have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


macrumors 6502a
Dec 5, 2019
Bought in November 2019 the 12.9 Pro 2018 64gb wifi only. No need to upgrade now. Maybe in the future (two years at least) I will consider a new pro with more memory and with 4g or 5g.


macrumors 6502a
Jun 9, 2015
This was a joke of an update TBH. A year and a half and this is all they could give us?
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