Why do people always put 'Mac' in all caps? Ex. "MAC"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PowerMac G4 MDD, Sep 3, 2014.

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    I thought the PowerPC place would be the best for this, just because many of you here are Mac people if you still use PowerPC Macs, and I know I still do. This gets on my nerves sometimes: People often misinterpret the 'Macintosh' name. People often:

    1. Think that "Mac" is the name of the company. Ex. "Mac sucks" <--- Notice the singular "Mac" as if it's the name of the company, not the computers themselves

    2. Put "Mac" in all caps for some reason. Ex. "I just got a MAC" or "I just got an IMAC". Again, it seems as if people feel that saying "Mac" is too much like a name and not a brand/company name, when it really is, since "Mac" is short for "Macintosh". I understand the confusions between Mac vs. MAC vs. Apple, but I don't get why these things are misinterpreted so easily. I don't understand how one can come to the false conclusions that 'Mac' is spelled in all caps. The most I can understand is, again, that "Mac" by itself doesn't seem like it would be the name brand, as it's technically a human name or a short name for the type of apple (fruit). Is putting it in all caps one's form of using a '®' or " / ' ?

    (not making fun or trying to offend, just wondering...)
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    Likely a lack of knowing or ignorance about the difference.
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    Computing has too many MACs.

    Message Authentication Code

    Mandatory Access Control

    Media Access Control

    In theory, you could compute MACs on your Mac that contains multiple MACs and runs a MAC.
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    And, one of the reasons that some folks get pedantic about caps:

    any device that has a network interface of some kind has a MAC.
    So, any Mac has a MAC.
    A Lenovo PC has a MAC.
    (That Samsung S5 also has a MAC. :D )
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    When someone types MAC I normally don't make a big deal over it although I do hate when someone does it. However when someone says "I'm going to the Mac Store" it gets under my nerves and drives me up a wall.
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    These both made me very smiley

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