Why do people "think" iMacs are expensive?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by aneftp, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. aneftp macrumors 601

    Jul 28, 2007
    I've read a few posts about people complaining iMacs are expensive. How they can get a high end CPU/tower for around $700 plus a monitor, all for $1000-1500 less than the high end iMac.

    I've seen competitor All in Ones, and they aren't cheap. Most of the 21-23 inch 1080P models with similar "specs" as the 21 inch iMac cost around $1000-1200 and they aren't as well design as the iMac. And probably the only 23 inch that comes close to the 21 inch iMac, the HP spectre all in one costs around $1299 itself (same or very similar specs withou the an optical drive either).

    Same with the 27 inch All in One. Actually Dell probably has the only comparable All in One as the Apple iMac (in terms of resolution). And Dell's models are "clunkier, thicker". They still run around $2000 and up to $2500 for the high end Dells.

    In my opinion, iMacs probably represent the greatest "value" of all of Apple's desktop/laptops. It isn't cheap but it's by far the most affordable of Apple's computers compared to their competitors.
  2. Spink10 Suspended


    Nov 3, 2011
    I dont know why people think Macs are expensive - maybe because they are? They cost a lot - are they worth it? To me - yes - to others - no
  3. forty2j macrumors 68030


    Jul 11, 2008
    You can spend much left for something that will serve a similar function in your life, and perhaps even meet 80% or more of your needs. The iMac is in fact a great value for what you get (build quality, screen quality, etc. included), but things like build quality and screen quality are ultimately luxuries that we're choosing to pay for.
  4. GoCubsGo macrumors Nehalem


    Feb 19, 2005
    The opinion on design of the competition is purely subjective.

    I would have to put one up against the other, but I think there is still a slight premium on an Mac. For me though, I tend to keep my Macs around longer. My 2008 MP is running very well and I have had no reason or desire to change it outside the initial excitement when a new product is announced. To me, the value is in Apple because so far it wins in the longevity category.
  5. Hexley macrumors 6502a

    Jun 10, 2009
    It isn't a secret that the prices of Macs are steep what they fail to comprehend is what they are getting out of the deal. Let us for a moment suspend the fact it has OS X and just look at it from a hardware point of view a lot of the technology is really high end not to mention the custom high end casing they have.

    I suspect they are just basing this point of view from what they experienced on the PC that we all know ain't that pleasant. Not to mention apple never ever targets the value market but the upper 10% who value a great user experience and excellent design.

    Just recently I saw one guy argue that he can save $300 if you buy a "comparable" Mac mini and buy the 27-inch IPS in Hong Kong. The guy got schooled in short order as he failed to take into account the graphics card difference. Fellow even CTOed the memory from Apple! Absurdity and how naive some people can be.
  6. turtlez macrumors 6502a


    Jun 17, 2012
    people who love to compare and say Apple are rip off and bla bla bla always choose Apple RAM :p They desire to win their argument so hard that they are forced to break the obvious laws. It is the only way they can sleep at night
  7. oldgeezer macrumors member

    Dec 10, 2012
    Many of us pay what others consider a premium for the combination of excellent engineering and design. We do it in the cars we buy and in the way we furnish our homes. Some of the cost is definitely for luxury over practicality, but I'd rather get from point A to point B in and Audi rather than a Kia.

    My 27" iMac is a prominent item in our kitchen area and so the sleek design is definitely appreciated. In fact, my wife and I always considered TVs to be ugly appliances and so put them on rolling carts so we could hide them in the closet when not being used. It's only since the advent of unobtrusive flat panels that we have them in plain sight.

    Apple has done a superb job of combining form and function. If you need a good example look at the old Mac Pros from the period before the return of Steve Jobs and then the ones his company produced. Both had great engineering, but the earlier ones were butt ugly.
  8. TeeZee1000 macrumors member

    Jun 25, 2010
    Yes IMacs are on the pricey side, but for me its worth it, I paid for a specced out BTO 17inch, because of the convenience of having a all-in-one, that meets my criteria out the box, When I was younger it was great to build my own pc and upgrade parts as I saw fit but now i'm a lil older and my priorities have changed, I need a machine that is going to be up and running without BSOD'S and random hardware conflicts that I had with window machines. I dont like digging in a machine anymore, I like sitting at my desk and actually working. Just my 2cents
  9. Hexley macrumors 6502a

    Jun 10, 2009
    But seriously, who cares what they think? They obviously cannot afford it. If they did they'd buy it. Same reason "most" Android users bought an Android device. They cannot hack the Apple price despite the maturity and polish.
  10. Abazigal macrumors G4


    Jul 18, 2011
    People often compare imacs with cheap tower CPUs they can assemble from parts purchased separately, and tend to discount the costs of the screen and peripherals which they likely already own, or simply choose the cheapest available for comparison.

    When you consider that imacs come with high-quality IPS screens, plus built-in webcam, speakers, a well-constructed bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, the final cost really isn't that unreasonable.

    The main cost of the imac is really because of the screen. Especially in the case of the 27" imac, a typical screen of that quality will easily set you back ~$900 - $1k.

    Then, there are the intangible benefits of not having a huge tower that hogs space on your table and doubles as a dust trap.

    Of course, the drawback is that there is no easy way to upgrade an imac (because you cannot just keep the screen and swap the CPU).

    Overall, I find it actually offers pretty good value for money. :)
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    Oct 27, 2012
    you my friend , sound like an elitist

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