Why do the new iMacs STILL not support 30" monitors?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Neutral Gamer, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Neutral Gamer

    I was holding off my purchase of an iMac until they announced the new ones and now I've found the new graphics card still doesn't support the resolution of a 30" display while the Macbook Pros do! How can a desktop computer support a lower resolution monitor than a laptop? I know 24 inches is enough for most people (just ask my wife, ba boom!) and the "Pro" in Macbook Pro is there for a reason, but I want more dammit! :D

    Ever since I saw the 30" Apple Cinema Display I fell in love with it; it'll look great with those new slim, silver keyboards. I don't want to buy a Mac Pro as it's too big so maybe the Macbook Pros are the answer, especially as I'd be able to "carry" those big brutes around with me.

    What do you guys (and gals) reckon? Is a MBP + 30" ACD + Wireless KB/M a better option than a 24" iMac? I know it's not as good value but I prefer the looks of an ACD over this new black and silver theme for the iMac and the portability would be an added bonus. Is a 30" that much bigger than a 24" when you're using it in person?

    Also, as I'm a greedy b**tard, I'd probably go for the 17" MBP with the HD screen; with a 30" display attached that's a lot of pixels! Is that overkill, should I just save some money and get the 15"? Half the time I'd be using the laptop by itself and the other half the monitor and I'd value the extra screen real estate when away from the monitor.

    This is my first ever post and I hope someone'll be able to help me out.

    P.S. If only they'd released a 30" iMac :apple: ...
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    Jun 1, 2007
    Because the 30" is for pros. Apple is trying to segment the market. So the Pro computers (Mac Pro and MBP) support the 30" which is so expensive that mostly pros buy it.

    Like in the Macbook, they have a Intel graphic card which is darn crappy. It would be much better if they upgraded to the Intel X3000 but then that would near the MBP performance. Also with the new iMacs, it was IMO a step backwards in order to separate the Pro and Home line ups.

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