Why do you worry for lack of minor features? That's not the problem

Discussion in 'iPad' started by vannibombonato, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Jun 14, 2007
    Yesterday i was majorly disappointed from the iPad, and yet i'm surprised to see that most of the un-happy people are mostly complaining for the lack of this or this other small thing.
    I'm talking about the obvious flaws of the device: be it Flash support or camera, lack of USB, you name it. Those are details.
    In my opinion, the problem is unfortunately much much broader: the ipad does not let us do anything new, in any new way. It just let you do the very same things we all know better, or worse, then your existing devices. In the very same places.
    My expectation was that this device could show me new ways to enjoy books or mags, or TV, or music, call it content in general.
    I thought i was about to see new, "magical" ways to interact with a big touchscreen. I thought i would see something for which i'd obviously say "i cant do this with my iphone or my laptop".
    The first 30 minutes of the presentation, i thought it was all a teaser, with Jobs about to say "and this is why two years ago i didnt want to launch this, because this is good only to surf the web on the toilet". I was actually happy when i saw the Microsoft scene of Apple's CEO demoing the "best web device ever" by opening a website that his own device could not properly display. Because that to me was the proof that "this cant be true".

    So now, what do we have: an ipod touch with a big screen, fantastic for surfing web on the couch/toilet, as useless as any other e-reader for enjoying print media, totally overlapping my current devices. I dont get why on earth i should see a movie on the plane with this stuff when i can see it on my laptop. That is, because i still do have to take with me my laptop.

    Since they're not stupid, only thing i can come up with is that the target is simply not me with my iphone or laptrop. The target is my mother, and then i see the point.

    Still, my personal consideration of Apple has gone a bit down: presenting this thing as "magical and revolutionary", showing Moses' table, that's frankly a bit of an insult.

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    You and others got sucked into the unicorn hype machine. Your expectations were higher than reality could provide, hence your disappointment.

    The iPad is a great v1 product, and you are correct about the target. I don't think the immediate target is younger people. It's people who can't see an iPod touch screen and don't need a laptop. It's people that own a laptop for work but want an Internet/media appliance around the house for entertainment. And then there are all the vertical markets.

    I know I'll get one so I can leave the laptop behind on short trips; so I don't have to run down the stairs on a cold morning to get the paper; so I can see a movie on a plane... and I mean see one b/c an iPhone screen doesn't cut it. I'm even looking forward to turning it into a remove for my HT. So many possibilities.

    In time the apps will make or break the iPad, but I'm pretty sure we'll look back on yesterday in 5 years and laugh at the haters just like we did w/ the iPod at its 5 year anniversary.
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    The iPad has no camera, and for a purpose. It's meant to be cheaper than the usual Macs, the rumored 5 megapixel cameras are probably going to the 4th gen iPhone. This Tablet is just to bridge the gap between Mac and iPod touch.
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    This is the point: the first ipod certainly had its flaws, you could call it too expensive or whatever, but it did create a new category.

    This iPad, as shown, simply does not. This is unquestionable.

    The ipad needs to be re-volutioned before becoming a true mass-appealing "third device". Right now it's simply one of the best tablet pcs around. Of course someone will need it, like it and buy it. Just as you can buy an HP, you can buy a Sony, you can buy the Apple. They all do the same stuff, difference is price and some or more features, but they're all in the category of tablet pcs for which everyone's been questioning the real need over the past years. Sadly Apple did not answer.

    Guess i'll just cross my fingers for next year. The good thing is that i woke up this morning richer by ~800$ vs. what i thought before yesterday night...


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    Can´t say it better!!!!

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