Why does iCloud use so much space on Windows

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    I have installed iCloud on my Windows PC so I can have access to my files without using the two factor authentication method in browser, I thought the point of iCloud was to store files elsewhere rather than on the hard drive, I am currently waiting for 14,000 files to synchronise.
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    The iCloud client's behavior is literally described right on Apple's download page for the program, so it shouldn't be surprising. This is also the way it works on a Mac: Things are stored elsewhere and on your computer. If you only want to utilize cloud storage I guess you'll have to live with authenticating to the web service on a regular basis.
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    The cloud-based storage systems can interact with the desktop in two ways. first by synchronization which is how Dropbox operates. The second way is how iCloud works .the data are stored on cloud servers but you can use a local drive to get access to the files in the cloud. However, the data on the local system can be excluded without modifying the one on the cloud. iCloud Drive supports you access the files on iCloud. Most of the time this feature protects the data on your computer from loss and keep storage on your computer as well. But, few find this doesn't save space, the photos also files are yet containing a large area of their computers.
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    You can do something to save space. iCloud Photo Library suggests 2 options: Download Originals to this Mac and Optimize Mac Storage. You can go to Photos > Preferences > iCloud and then allow Optimize Mac Storage. In this way, the full-resolution images will be stored on iCloud and only the optimized ones can be seen on your computer. This will save local storage.
    This may help you out try this and let me know.

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