Why doesn't iOS support Bluetooth+HS for tethering?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by zorinlynx, Jan 30, 2014.

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    I'm STILL, with two modern devices that support Bluetooth+HS in hardware (iPhone 5, iPad 4) getting sub-megabit speeds when tethering via Bluetooth.

    Wifi tethering gives me full speed (about 20 megabits down, 12 up with LTE where I am).

    The hardware CAN DO IT! Why doesn't iOS use the full abilities of the hardware?

    Bluetooth tethering is super-convenient because it stays connected permanently as long as the devices are in range. If you're going to be tethering a tablet to a phone for a few hours it's much more reliable than WiFi.

    Apple fails. :(
  2. cynics, Jan 30, 2014
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    Why doesn't iOS support Bluetooth+HS for tethering?

    Aren't iOS devices 4.0 LE only?

    I know 3.0+HS is using the 802.11 link anyway for it's speed.

    Regardless I didn't think the low energy variant was capable of those speeds. I think that was Apples goal.

    Does any manufacture use high speed functionality of 4.0?

    Better question is why isnt the wifi more stable? I know like BT 4.0 Apple easily times out the wifi tethering for battery consumption.

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    The only reason to implement BT HS would be if the battery usage was significantly less than wifi. BT HS uses much more power compared to slower BT variations. I'm not sure where BT falls in regards to wifi while sending data.
    Tethering needs to be improved, but I feel that better solutions would leverage technologies from AirSshare and/or iBeacon. This would allow wifi to be off until a requesting device asks for high speed data access. This would provide the low power passive sleep mode and on-demand high speed wifi when needed.
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    OP I feel for you. Same complaints. I've given up hope and accept it for what it is. I'm generally fine with the bluetooth speeds as all I'm usually doing is some news reading.

    No. The iPhone chipset is fully capable of more if Apple implements it. They choose not to implement it.

    The WIFI is stable, it is just disabled when the device is in standby. iPad goes into standby, it's WIFI goes off. iPhone is in standby and see's it lost all connected devices. It shuts down.

    So to restart your tether link, you have to unlock both, and relink. With bluetooth, they stay linked, and automatically re-link.

    iBeacon is a completely different technology. Never heard of AirSshare.

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