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    Apple has a whole collection of media on it's servers. So why doesn't it work like this: when one buys an item from iTunes on any device, it should send a signal to the servers to authorise that item with your apple id (whether it's a rental or purchase) so it can then stream it to your device, with an option to locally download it aswell. What are the benefits? Well you don't have to deal with storage space and as HD movies can take up to 3GB in some cases, most people have to be deleting items of their device just to fit a movie on. If this was all stored up in the cloud, then it would make the process a whole lot more efficient. They already do this with Apple TV for rentals so why not expand that across the whole range and with purchases also. Obviously a local download option would be crucial for people wanting to transport their device around with them with the media on. Just imagine having you movies and tv programmes seamlessly integrated into the videos app on your device but stored in the cloud and not taking up many gigabytes of space: akin to iTunes match but without the match if you understand. Anyone think this is a good idea and might be implemented in the future?
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    That's why I was puzzled during the keynote and they were talking about iTunes Match vs. Amazon Cloud and Google Music. They're two different services. Cloud/GMusic allow you to upload your music and then stream it to your devices. iTunes Match allows you to get your non-iTunes music upgraded to iTunes quality and download it to across all devices. I don't know why they were wanting iTunes to compete against them if the purpose is completely different.

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