iPod Why EVER buy Quicktime Pro?!?


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Sep 13, 2006
Hey all

New Mac user. First time poster.

My name is Ben. I am 27, was born and raised a Mac user (left for PC at Mac System 8.6) and am now back with a new Mac Mini (fully upgraded to 2g, etc...)

I loaded up iTunes with all my music from my old library, and even though I recently purchased Quicktime Pro on my old PC. Given the features I could make use of on my new Mac, I figured it was well worth it and I paid another $30 to upgrade to Quicktime Pro v.7.1.2

Now a new iTunes is out, and so naturally, I've opted to update my software weekly and I am now looking at the sleek, beautiful new iTunes. Very excited.

I must have spent at the very least $500 in the last two years on iTunes, and so I couldn't wait to treat myself to a fresh new movie tonight downloaded straight to my computer.

However, this entire feature it seems I am locked out of!

It says I can not view these new iTunes movies unless I update to the new Quicktime v7.1.3.

But if I update... I am throwing away the $30 I spent to upgrade to Quicktime Pro!

But I don't wanna do that! I make very good use of the features in Quicktime Pro such as video or audio recordings, being able to splice together and edit my favorite video clips into one video, and so forth... I use it on almost a daily basis!

And even though I purchased it only maybe two or three weeks ago...

..do I really have to pay for it AGAIN if I want to enjoy the new iTunes?

Is iTunes not free then? Are the video/audio features of my new Mac not functional unless I pay a fee to "unlock" them?

This seems very unfair and very Un-Mac like, especially as this is my FIRST impression as a new Mac user.

Has anybody else had this problem? Had it fixed by Apple? I called Apple Care a few dozen times, but their lines seems permanently busy tonight (understandable given their major launches)

New York, NY


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Mar 30, 2005
I gather your licence key will be good until QT8.

I haven't bought QT Pro myself, so I don't know, so hold on updating until someone else confirms this.

And welcome to the madhouse btw :)


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Jul 23, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
The QuickTime Pro 7 license is just that a license for QuickTime 7 and all of the 7.xx updates. The only time you would need to pay again is for QuickTime 8. Also Windows and OS X license keys are not the same so you would need to buy 1 for each OS if you use it on both OSes.


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Jan 28, 2006
London, UK
I can confirm you dont need to purchase pro again, i updated mine yesterday, and i still have quicktime pro. I think you only need to re-purchase pro version when there is a "whole number" updates like v8.00, v9.00, v10.00 etc.


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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
The only thing a lot of people upgrade to Pro for is fullscreen playback in the Quicktime player, and you can achieve that with a simple Applescript anyhow.

I think I've upgraded about 4 times (on Mac and PC), but can't see myself doing so again. It's annoying when you've upgraded to Pro on an older version of Quicktime, then the next version of iTunes, or iMovie, or some other app requires the latest version of Quicktime so either you don't use the latest version of these apps, you pay twice for the same functionality, or you're downgraded. The next time you pay to upgrade to a new OS, you're downgraded from Pro again.

</angry mumbly grumbly rant>


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Jun 28, 2004
Chicago, IL
You're also able to do quick editing in Quicktime Pro, such as splitting audio and video and even joining them together. You can also extract the audio from a video within Quicktime, too.

Those are the reasons why I upgraded.


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Jun 9, 2004
QT Pro is a godsend and a life-saver when it comes to quick format-conversions of video and graphic-files.


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Dec 9, 2005
Brisbane - Australia
conversions are better done with other programs than quicktime, they will be much faster eg. ffmpegx

What quicktime pro is really great at is animating stills for clayanimation and heaps of others.


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Sep 23, 2003
This is one of the biggest Apple urban legends.

Minor releases never kill your PRO key, it will work until they release version 8, probably with leopard or around that time.


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Jul 9, 2006
I'm not sure if it's widely known among users but it worked for me.

I had a QuickTime Pro 6 key and wanted QuickTime Pro 7 but didn't want to pay for it.

I went on the QuickTime page on the Apple site and downloaded the version 7 updater.

QuickTime retained the Pro features and is up to date.

/me shrugs.


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Feb 28, 2006
What's the diff between editing (splicing, extract audio etc) in QT Pro and the free iMovie...?


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Jun 9, 2004
risc said:
Windows and OS X license keys are not the same so you would need to buy 1 for each OS if you use it on both OSes.

Not true, they are the same. One license key will work on a mac and XP.


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Aug 15, 2006
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knackroller said:
What's the diff between editing (splicing, extract audio etc) in QT Pro and the free iMovie...?
QT pro is for basic editing, no effects/timing/audio tracks. iMovie is for those who want to do more than just slap some clips together, then you get Final Cut for h4rdc0r3 movie producing places it's the ultimate app!

Oh! QT can also encode movies for your iPod and others...


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Aug 20, 2003
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Applespider said:
Nope... as said above, you'll only have to pay once they release QT8
Well, not necessarily. QT5 Pro keys worked for QT6 Pro.
knackroller said:
What's the diff between editing (splicing, extract audio etc) in QT Pro and the free iMovie...?
iMovie isn't completely free. You have the version that shipped with your computer (3/4/5/6) and any minor updates (4.x), but any later versions (iLife '07), would require purchasing.


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Mar 4, 2005
.. London ..
This really gets my back up.

I completely agree with the OP, MisterBungee, Apple's wording on their update warning is


It really does look as if you will lose your key if you upgrade from QT 7.1.2 to QT 7.1.3, which is completely false.

QT is one of the first things that many mac users upgrade, and even if the've not yet bought a key, they're still presented with this huge wodge of baffling text warning about dire unspecified things and mind-numbing version numbers.

It would be so easy to simplify. Just check to see if there's a valid key for v6, and no key for v7, and then only in that situation bring up a short warning.

The rest of the time, just say 'enjoy your upgrade!'


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Feb 6, 2006
When you update from any previous 7.x version of QT to 7.1.3, if you hav bought QTPro, it remains QTPro. As another poster indicated, this will likely remain true until QT 8.