Why haven't older iPads got any cheaper?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by dj1891, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Feb 16, 2015
    Northern Ireland
    I thought I might have gotten a bargain but here in the UK at least retailers have either removed the old stock and are only selling the new 2017 range or they are selling both, Argos for example has the iPad Air 2 starting at £379 and the new iPad at £339 which doesn't make much sense I mean why pay more for an older version?
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    Probably because Argos and other high street retailers purchased the Air 2's at a price point which dictated a RRP of £379. They won't take a hit on reducing the RRP, so I think it will stay like that until all the older units are gone. Additionally, I think the new iPad doesn't have features that the Air 2 has (no laminated screen and no ant-reflection coating or something). It was designed entirely as an entry level device and I suppose they are trying to make it competitive price wise with other tablets out there.
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    Starting to see retailers drop the price of the Mini 4 32 by $50 here in Canada for the 32gb. But not dropping the Air. When they announced the new storage bump of the Air and Mini last Fall, saw the same price drop for the outgoing models.

    Bottom line, the discounts aren't going to be significant. Apple refurb store is a better bet.
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    Oct 25, 2013
    Discounts on Air 2 have been nice over here in the US (Best Buy $299/32GB, $399/128GB) but those were sold out quite quickly.

    Apple certified refurbs, 16GB Air 2 is $319 and it might be a while before 32GB models make an appearance in the refurb store as those were released just half a year ago (recall, launch iPad Air 2 capacities were 16GB/$499, 64GB/$599, 128GB/$699).

    At $299 for Air 2 32GB and $329 for 2017 iPad 32GB, I'm inclined to go with the Air 2 for the laminated display and anti-reflective coating. At $319 for Air 2 16GB? Definitely going for the 2017 iPad even if the display isn't as nice. Juggling data on 32GB ain't fun and I expect iOS and apps are just gonna get more bloated in future.
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    Welcome to Britain where you have the privilege of being ripped off every which way. It's not in the mentality of stores to give you reduced prices on older inventory over there.

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