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    It has gotten to the point, where staying with the iPhone is no longer simply a preference. Every single day I do things on my phone that are either impossible on Android, or dramatically better on the iPhone. It has become part of what I expect from a phone. It's much more a quality of life issue than a feature-bullet-list issue to be honest.

    At this point, I couldn't switch to Android if I wanted to...

    I'll go through my last week of usage, and maybe someone here can tell me if my conclusions are off-base, and I would be just fine on a competitor's device.

    I've made a list, and I think it makes the most sense to categorize the apps and go through them one by one:



    My mornings aren't fun, I'm not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I use an app called MotionX Sleep to wake me up. Unlike other apps, MotionX Sleep does not need to be run in the foreground in order to track my sleep cycle. Here's an example of the output:


    The app is actually a full replacement of the Jawbone Up I used to use, which was iOS only, but without the hardware issues. It tracks my steps throughout the day, and can nudge me when it detects I've been sitting still for too long. While cool, I don't use those last two features.

    The other morning app I use is Place Clock. I've configured this app to set off a series of alarms if it detects I'm oversleeping for work. The alarms will go off at the predetermined times, only if I am still at home. I've also programmed a few alarms to detect when I've taken my lunch break, and go off after I've been gone for 30 minutes, a reminder to get back to work :)



    At work I use a few apps to help my productivity, most notably AudioNote. I constantly find myself in long meetings with 100 things to write down, and 15 tasks assigned to me. AudioNote records my meetings, and syncs them with my written notes. When going back through my notes, I click on something I wrote down, and the app plays back what was being said at that time. Makes it much easier to decipher my notes and remember exactly what I need to do.

    For quick tasks I need to perform throughout the day, I use Clear. It's by far the easiest and quickest task application I've found, and the only one in the AppStore that satisfied my girlfriend's requirements in a task app. I have multiple projects, with multiple tasks within each project, and I can see the completed tasks crossed out at the bottom of each list.

    For more long-term tasks, that require lots of notes, I use Pocket Informant. It syncs with my iPad and my online Toodledo account. This is the first app I open up at work, as it intelligently combines my tasks and my work-calendar. Oh yea, iOS seamlessly links with the work calendar system, VPN and Wifi. I remember some Android co-workers having trouble with that, don't think they were able to do it.

    Lastly, I've programmed some Prowl integration with our ticketing system. Whenever something is assigned to me, or something is added to the case, I immediately get a pop-up on my iPhone and iPad, informing me of the update. I can either dismiss the pop-up, or click the OK button, which will automatically launch Safari and load the referring case. I can't tell you how cool it is to hear the phone ring in the other room, know it's for you, and a few seconds later see your phone and tablet alarm go off, automatically linking you to the case.

    I am also an active trader of the financial markets, I use Prowl to alert me of certain conditions in the market. I've set different alerts for different situations, and have marked some as URGENT, so it wakes me up even if it's during a time I've scheduled the Prowl app to not give me alerts. This ability is invaluable for a trader who has a day-job.



    On Monday I started watching a Youtube video of a Starcraft game-cast (Yes – I am a nerd) at work during the walk home for lunch. Upon arriving at home, I pushed one button and the video switched from my phone, to my HDTV via wireless Airplay. When my break ended, I pushed a button switching the feed back to my phone, and continued back to work.

    On Tuesday I put my bluetooth headphones on, pushed a button and said “Play Iris”. Siri proceeded to look through my 64gig harddrive, looking for a song named Iris. When it didn't find it, it then searched through all of my songs from my home computer (matched by iTunes Match), to see if I've ever had that song. It found the song in my iCloud account and started streaming it to my headphones. Within a few seconds of saying “Play Iris”, it was playing.

    When I got home, I pushed one button and the song feed switched from my headphones, over to my surround sound system. Everything was seamless. I don't even have to think about when I left work and if I've been gone for too long, Place Clock handles that for me :)



    This is one of those make-or-break categories. I can't always have my DSLR with me, so I need the camera that's always with me to be something I'd want to use. As a result, there are a few apps I cannot be without.

    iCloud – All of my photos automatically backed up to the cloud, and my last 1000 photos syned to my computer and iPad is amazing.

    HDR Photo Camera – This app takes three photos in under a second, each at different exposure levels. I can either choose the one I like best, or use an HDR processing app to merge them together. I like this app better than others, because it also takes a normally exposed photo. That way if the HDR photos are too extreme to be usable, you'll still have the normal photo to use :) All HDR apps I've tried on all platforms have been too slow, taking a long time to both process the scene, take the photos, then finish it up so I can take more shots. This app is in a class of it's own.

    Make sure to click on the gear on the bottom right -> Advanced Settings -> Low Light Bracketing -> ON, for the best results.

    Slow Shutter Cam – Low light photography almost isn't worth it without this app, it's that good. Last weekend I was at a romantic dim-lit restaurant with the girlfriend, and was able to hand-hold a long shutter-speed photo of us, without using the flash. If the flash is needed, we could have used it, but the natural-light scene really captured the mood of the restaurant. Even if one of us moved during the shot, the app gives you a slider so I can move to a point of the exposure where we weren't moving, and save the shot.

    Pro HDRiCameraHDR – The two best HDR apps I've seen anywhere. I've yet to see HDR processing done easier, or better than in these two apps.

    AutoStitch – The same app I've been using for years on the Desktop, now has a mobile app. Autostitch can output your Panorama at up to 18 magapixels, more than enough for the 20x30 prints I've made :)

    360 Panorama – Creates a 3D virtual photo that lets the user pan around the photo. Combined with the Gyroscope, it's errie how realistic it is. Definitely conveys the feeling that you're *in* the picture.

    iPhoto – The best mobile photo editor. As if that weren't enough, it lets you create awesome online photo journals to share, here's a sample:


    BigLens – This is the app that really changed how I look at mobile photography. It lets you easily add Depth of Field to a photo, as if it were taken with an expensive DSLR.

    645 PRO – The closest thing to RAW photography you're going to see on a mobile device (uncompressed TIFF)

    FilterStorm – The best implementation of layers I've seen on a mobile device.

    Other photography apps I couldn't do without – NightCap, Snapseed, PhotoForge2, ColorSplash, Photogene2, Retouch, LensLight, LensFlare, AntiCrop, Rays, Light, GroupShot, AutoPainter, Hipstamatic, Instagram, ChromaCam, PicFrame, Fast Camera, Mozaikr

    Here are some of my shots...

    Original (normal Camera app)


    Added DOF




    A friend sent me a photo:


    I removed the tree for fun (10 second job) and added DOF


    Another one I worked on:



    I added DOF and some sunrays through the window:


    Here are some from well known iPhoneographer Souichi Furusho:


    Here are some links to his galleries:


    And a link for other inspiring iPhone shots:


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    As far as I am aware, the iPhone 4S is currently the only phone with hardware video stabilization. If you've ever seen video from a camera phone, you'd know how big a deal this is.

    SloPro – True 60fps HD recording, along with a very nice slow motion feature. You've got to see it to understand how cool this is:


    iMovie – The best mobile video editor I've used. Making trailers is fun :)

    Magisto – This app really WOW'd me when I first saw it. The app intelligently analyzes your videos, and edits them for you, along with a song of your choosing in the background. For example, I selected about 6-7 minutes of mostly boring video from my birthday weekend (so long even I wouldn't want to watch it), and it edited it down to about a minute and a half, while including the parts I really wanted to see! It also stabilizes your video, greatly increasing the watchability. Words really can't explain this app, here's their demo:


    Vidify – VIKTOR – If I want a bit more control over the editing, but still want it to be mostly done for me, I use one of these apps. They aren't as good at *telling a story* as Magisto, but if you're choosing mostly random video, it works ok.

    GoodPlayer – This app plays any format I throw at it, allowing me to transfer videos/songs wirelessly from any one of my computers, straight from the app.

    Air Video – Absolutely the best video streaming app I've seen. It uses FFMPEG on the backend, automatically changes quality depending on how your bandwidth changes while streaming, and lets me install it on my Linux server :)

    Others – HBO GO, Netflix



    Security is a big deal for me, Android simply fails on this front. The top articles I've found recommend installing anti-virus software on Android, that alone will keep me from going to that platform. I see no security issues on Windows Phones, or any other competitors, however.



    iPhones have historically received updates for about 3 years after the phone is released. Considering the two year carrier agreement, this is important.



    Remote – I have a computer hooked up to speakers all throughout the house. I control what's playing through iTunes with Remote.

    MPoD – If for whatever reason my Linux server is connected instead, I use this to control the music throughout the house.

    Music – The ability to seamlessly download my songs from the cloud (iTunes Match), all controlled via Siri, make this the best music app anywhere.

    iSub – If I want to listen, either on the phone or on my speakers, to music directly from my Linux server. Also useful if I haven't uploaded some songs to the cloud yet.

    Spotify – Now that they have 320k streaming, this app changes the game. I can no longer have a phone without this app. Unfortunately, the reviews for the Android Spotify app seem to indicate it doens't work.


    Audible, Downcast, NPR News – Some of the apps I listen to on my long runs.

    AirPlay – Being able to wirelessly push all of these apps to my stereo system is amazing.

    TuneIn Radio – Listen to sports games live.



    TomTom – I've come to rely on their IQ Routes technology, it's even better than the now defunct Dash Express I used to have. It uses historical traffic data to give routes based on how busy the roads typically are at that specific time. Combined with Tom Squared Paste 'n Go, I do a Google Search for the location, and can simply copy-paste the address into TomTom. There is no better navigation software out there.



    iSmoothRun – The only GPS running app I've seen that incorporates the accelerometer when GPS signal is low. There's a tunnel on my normal running route that other apps always mess up on. This app uses the GPS (when signal is good) to calibrate the accelerometer readings, so when GPS goes out, it shouldn't affect the stats.

    iPersonalTrainer – This is the only workout weight-lifting app I've seen that intelligently increases your workout based on what you were able to lift last time. For example, I have three pre-made workouts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I start a new week, the app looks at the reps and weight I did last time, and increases it a bit. Reminds me of the weight lifting trainer from back in college :)

    Streaks – Helps me keep track of the days I've worked out, and motivates me to keep going. Don't want to break the streak!



    I won't go into detail here, I'll just list some games I consider to be a requirement on my phone:

    Galcon, Uniwar, Infinity Blade 2, Real Racing 2, GTA3, Gears, Chrono Trigger, Dark Meadow, Wesnoth, Modern Combat 3, Max Payne, Myst, Mass Effect, Superbrothers: Sword and Scorcery, and a bunch more I'm probably forgetting. Nova 3 was just released today, (only on iOS right now) and it's pretty fun so far.

    Graphic examples:







    I use Siri everyday, multiple times a day. To play specific songs, either on my phone or streamed via the cloud, to set reminders, send text messages, make calls, make notes, set timers, and do quick calculations (what's 270/7 for example). I was pleasently surprised the first time I said, “When's my next meeting with Scott?” and Siri answered it. Much easier than searching through my work calendar. You really have to use it to understand the capabilities. I've said things like:

    “Remind me to show my Dad something cool on the iPad when I get to his place.”

    “Remind me to call my girlfriend tomorrow at 2pm” and the reminder comes up (on both my phone and iPad) with a call button.



    Photon Browser – Lets me watch Flash sites. I went to the Verizon store near me to compare with an Android phone with native Flash, and the experience was actually better on the iPhone.

    iCloud – Syncs all of my contacts, reminders, bookmarks, notes, photos, and data to the cloud, my iPad and computer if applicable.

    Find my iPhone – I've used this many times to locate my phone when I can't find it (usually in the couch or something). I can make the phone beep, send it a message and locate it on a map.

    iTunes University – I'm taking one of the free Yale classes, and love that my notes sync up with the iPad app. I have full access to all the videos and content from the class, on my phone to be watched anywhere.

    Find My Friends – While this app is great for events with your friends, my girlfriend and I have put it to great use. I've used it to find her when her car got a flat tire, we use it weekly to gauge when the other is going to arrive (long distance relationship), my parents don't have to call at 3am to see if I'm home yet, if we're picking someone up in the city...etc. I also try to not call the girlfriend around the time she might be driving. She doesn't have a Bluetooth and really doesn't need any more distractions on the road, if I see she's driving, I won't call. The coolest thing is that it works with Siri. “Where's DodgeV83” will actually work.

    A notable example of how this app changes things, I bought some nice flowers and made the 4 hour trip to see the girlfriend. Used Find My Friends to figure out where I should go (is she working late?), without tipping her off that I was coming, and positioned myself perfectly to surprise her. I knew exactly when she was coming, and had the flowers out with the camera rolling as she came around the corner. :cool:

    It's the little things :)

    FaceTime – Used daily. This is magic for long distance relationships, and family that lives far away. I don't have to explain how to login to Skype, nor do I have to make sure I am constantly logged in...etc. We'll be on a call, push one button, and now we're on a video call. As simple as that. Even better, with the iPhone 4S FaceTime runs incredibly smooth, it looks 60fps smooth. I've yet to see a video call go this simple, and with this level of quality.

    iMessage – Sends higher resolution photos and videos than a normal text, and it tells you when the other person is typing. If they have an iPhone, iMessage is automatic, everyone has it. Comparing this to other offerings is like comparing Facebook to Google Plus. Sure Google Plus is better...but no one uses it!

    Alien Blue – The best Reddit app available anywhere. Alien Blue is significantly better than reading on a desktop...I actually lost about an hour while typing this because I got lost in the app :p

    iStudious – One of the better flashcard apps. Has a system that helps you remember the flash cards you got wrong.

    Mail – From what I've seen of other mobile e-mail clients, none of them handle threaded conversations elegantly. For something as important as e-mail, I couldn't imagine using anything less.

    SayHi Translate – I played with it last week with a co-worker, and was very impressed. While I haven't tried it in a real-world situation yet, it seems to destroy the language barrier.


    Remote Access – LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Webex, these apps have saved me a few times from having to leave the restaurant and go into work when the boss called.



    Jawbone UP – As soon as they get their act together and release a device that doens't constantly break, I'll buy it again!

    Charging case – I have the Mophie charging case, almost doubles the battery life.

    External battery – I'm currently trying out one of the Mophie external batteries. When my charge gets low, I plug it in for a quick charge, works pretty well.

    Some of these apps are available on Android, but most are either crippled versions filled with bugs (Spotify and GTA 3 are notable and high profile examples), or not available at all. I fully expect (and encourage) people to post with a list of Android apps they think are full replacements for the apps I've mentioned above. That's actually part of the reason I made this thread, I only ask that you do your research before posting and calling me an idiot. The last time I did this, someone posted an Android app and called me an idiot saying they found it in 20 seconds...only the app literally had none of the features I was referring to.

    So please, post away, but do your research :)
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    Ok, here are some things you can't do on your iPhone but you can on an Android, and these are very simple things.

    Go into an email someone has sent you a phone number. Click it and try to add it as a contact or text that person.

    Try to open a link someone has emailed you in a browser other than Safari

    Try to download a ringtone or notification tone to your phone with one click

    Try to get into your file manager

    Try to swap between all keyboards on your phone while in any typing field just by sliding down the notification bar and selecting one

    Try to visit a site with flash

    Try to set up widgets that allow you to turn on/off your Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS etc...with one click

    Try to install a new home launcher

    Try to install a custom ROM

    I could go on forever pretty much. All of these things save me lots of time or improve my experience greatly. Things I flat out can't do on my 4s or things that require a difficult work around. Oh and Google Maps with navigation is vastly superior to any GPS based 3rd party app on my 4s. No copying and pasting needed :)
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    Holy ****!!! :eek:

    I am in awe DodgeV83 of the time you took to post this :eek:

    Thank you for the amount of detailed information and sacrificing your time to write it all in a way that not only shows us some of the best apps out there that make the iPhone so amazing... but also taking the time to write descriptions and a story of how you use each one to show us how great these apps can be.

    Thank you :)

    p.s. I agree I can never switch from the iPhone either. I just got a Galaxy Nexus a week ago and I gotta say it's going back.

    - Stuttering was a constant thought the OS (even on stock Ice Cream Sandwich!)
    - No voice dictation button at the bottom of the screen while browsing the web (was at the top)
    - the android version of Skype pissed me off to no end either since on ios I can make myself invisible and double click home button to close the app. The next time I sign in though I simply click on it once and it signs me in with invisible status as I last left it. With the Android version it would always sign me on under active so a bunch of my friends / family would always start chatting me up before I could switch the status to invisible.
    - Fragmentation of the entire Android landscape: Netflix wasn't even HD quality for the flagship Android device (the galaxy nexus sold by google) even though it has a 720p screen!
    - No Square Enix titles like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, FF3, etc like there is on the iPhone. While others might not necessarily play those games I think it shows that developers flock to the iPhone first before the other OS's and come out with their best work.
    - Updates: Even the flagship developer android phone (the galaxy nexus) isnt immune to being ****ed by the carriers. The verizon version gets its updates held back because Google didn't have the balls to tell Verizon to go **** themselves the way Apple did. With Apple you get even more of a pure experience than you could ever get with Android.

    I'll come up with more things later but it's late and Im going to sleep, suffice to say that there's no way in hell I'm EVER switching from the iPhone. It's much to fluid, powerful, and "just works" ;)
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    If those things are your "quality of life" features, and you think they are of higher priority than what I've described above, I can't argue with you :)

    However, you've mentioned two things I have to disagree with. I mentioned the flash issue, and during my test at the Verizon store I preferred using the Photon Browser with flash on my iPhone to the Android browser on the Verizon phone.

    Also, my idea of a "vastly superior" GPS app relates to giving me the most efficient route, not saving me from the 2 second copy-paste operation. My Dad used Google Maps Navigation on his Android to get to my location last weekend, and it told him to get off at the wrong exit. He proceeded to get lost and it took him 30 extra minutes to get to me.

    Better routes > not having to copy paste.

    I've also read many complaints about the Google Navigation, possibly related to the fact that it requires a data connection and caching maps doesn't work as expected.

    Do you have another reason for why it is "vastly superior" besides the copy paste comment? I can do Google searches from within the TomTom app as well, then I wouldn't have to copy-paste. Would that put them on the same level for you?
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    Try to take your phone to the Google Bar when it doesn't work right.

    Try to make sense of the ridiculous array of phones available running Android.

    Try to pick one that isn't crap and won't be obsolete when Hot Milkshake comes out in 3 hours.

    Try to give your phone to a 5 year old or your grandmother, when your hands are full, and you need them to do something on the phone besides check the time.

    Try not to give away your credit card numbers and passwords by installing a malicious clone of Pissed Off Pigeons.

    Try not to lose over half of your investment when you resell your phone.

    Try not to look like a total dweeb when you point out to all your friends with iPhones that your shiny plastic Android Phone of the Week can access your file system and install a launcher or a custom ROM.
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    Liverpool, UK
    Don't have a dog in this fight (each to their own and all that jazz) but this did make me laugh. Thank you
  10. DodgeV83 thread starter macrumors 6502a

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    Thanks iphone12345! I appreciate it :)

    Let me know if you have any questions about the apps I've mentioned.
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    Oh boy another thread that's quickly gone to Android vs iOS. How can I go weeks on Androidcentral and XDA without a single mention of iOS but he it's on MR Android is the main topic?

    Dodge, looks like there is no alternative for you! Btw are you trying to convince us or yourself? If you think those functions can't be done with anything other then an iPhone then more then likely your just convincing yourself.
  12. DodgeV83 thread starter macrumors 6502a

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    C'mon Cynics. I make an informative thread in the iPhone forum about how much I love my iPhone and could never switch, while only mentioning Android/Windows...etc a few times for relevant comparisons, and you complain in my thread, yet you are actively and simultaneously arguing Android vs iOS in a thread called "HTC One X" just one thread up also on the iPhone forum?

    Can we keep this on topic please? If you have a problem with my thread, PM me or bring it up to the mods.
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    Thanks for the post, OP!
    It's great to see personal recommendations for apps (there are so many apps available it's easy to miss decent ones) - there are definitely a few on your list I'll be trying out :)
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    Great thread.

    I'm not switching to Android any time soon either.

    Overall iOS is just years ahead of Android in UX, you don't need to change a launcher, or a keyboard. Integration, consistency, edge bounce back alone makes the experience better than Android.

    Then there is the support, with Android as soon as you buy a phone, that's it, you're on your own... super slow updates that omit tons of features, no support.

    There is just no feeling of security and longevity with Android, every phone is like a self contained app.

    Then there are third party apps, which BTW if are available on both platforms, look better, work better and get more support on iOS.

    Apps like:

    Firefox Home(I know there is Firefox for Android but it's terrible and I only want one way sync, exactly what Firefox Home does)
    Pin Drop

    And finally there is background audio, which Android cannot do. At the end of the day, when I go to bed, I like to go to the YouTube app turn on some Carl Sagan or Neil DeGrasse Tyson, you know a video that does not require watching, switch to Safari, open the switcher, scroll left, tap on "Play" to make the YouTube app play in the background and then browse the web with Safari.

    Can you do that on Android? No, you cannot. On iOS, if the app supports background audio, you can, you can make Safari play video/audio in the background.

    BTW, OP, I'd suggest OPlayer over GoodPlayer, it can stream movies straight from your PC over standard shares, no need to convert anything at all.

    If you've got a server setup with shares, just connect to it with OPlayer and stream movies, DivX, XviD, MKV, etc...

    You listed so much nonsense.

    Why would you need to install a custom ROM? Or a new launcher?

    It's the same thing Symbian fans use... but, but, we have bluetooth transfer, USB OTG and FM Transmitter... how often do you use that? And FM Transmitter quality is terrible!
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    I am truly humbled by your post. I think it goes to show that Apple's IOS devices are much more capable than we are giving them credit for, and the onus is ultimately on us to see how far we are willing to experiment and try to integrate them into our daily lives.

    I too would like to use siri more extensively, but it always seems to misinterpret my speech. Guess it can't translate asian voices that well? :confused:
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    This is just a very non-objective pro-Apple thread. And oh, the iPhone 4S does NOT have hardware video stabilisation: only software.
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    Miami Florida
    Bought two of your apps you mentioned. Thanks for the detailed post. It was fantastic.
  18. Les Kern, May 10, 2012
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    Yes, two things that keep me from having a full life. Why just the other day while I was being hyper-productive I lamented to a friend "You know, this would be so much more fun if I could install a new ROM". He agreed by slapping me on the side of my head.[
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    Nice post and very detailed descriptions.

    As for me I won't say I'll never swith. The next iPhone will determine for me if I decide to try an Android device for a while.

    I wan't a bigger screen and not that 4" tall one that's being rumored around here. It doesn't have to be the size of the Note but if it stays 3.5 and iOS doesn't get some major rework done I may give an Android device a try for my phone because both platforms have the apps I need and use.

    With that being said. Do those photo apps work with the iPhone4?
  20. cynics macrumors G4

    Jan 8, 2012
    You misunderstood my post. The first portion wasn't directed toward you. That's why I said it immediately turned into an Android vs iOS post, not started that way.

    I do participate in Android vs IOS threads but I never start them, never have and never will.

    Even if my post was misinterpreted what did you expect. Start a thread with why the iPhone is best for you and only want the response "I'm so happy for you!!"? While I'm not saying I think you are making stuff up or trying to make iOS look better but the thread just screams android vs iOS IMO. Or like I mentioned trying to convince us or yourself it's best. I mean find a thread started on the bases of why android is best for me (not me particularly), doesn't that just seem like someone trying to justify something?

    I posted what I posted to stay on topic purposely not bringing up versus arguments. I'm happy your happy with ios but I feel other mobile os's can do just as much, maybe with apps you don't prefer? And that's fine.
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    Thanks for the post, I'll be checking out some of the apps you listed!

    I haven't tried Oplayer, but Goodplayer can stream from my shares as well. Unfortunately, however, this usually doesn't work too well, as my network can't seem to handle streaming my large HD files without skipping :(


    Unfortunately, I've seen Siri have issues with accents, hopefully they will update Siri to support your native language. It should work much better after that.


    They mentioned in the keynote that it uses the Gyro, here's a quote:

  22. jbennardo macrumors 6502a


    Jun 16, 2009
    OP, thank you for the great post - you actually gave me some great apps to check out and new things to do with my phone.
  23. DodgeV83 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Feb 8, 2012
    You're welcome! Let us know if you find any cool apps I haven't mentioned :)


    I see what you're saying, and apologize, I did misinterpret your post (it was late at the time :))

    I started this thread because I was called out on some comments I made in an earlier thread. They essentially told me to "post it or shut up". Just following through :)
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    I would just submit this:

    If the girl in that photo is your wife or girlfriend then I would say you needn't worry about iOS, Android, WM7 or Symbian for that matter...you've got it good!!
  25. yinz macrumors 6502a

    Apr 12, 2012
    Thanks for the informative post. I really enjoy seeing what apps people like to use on a daily basis. I'm glad it wasn't all paid apps though, as I try to refrain from spending any more money on this phone, but your post has tempted me (big lens). I'm also a fan of photography on the iPhone and took a lot of your advice for apps. We also had a lot of apps in common which was great for me since I know I'm on the right track!

    Of course, you use the phone much more than I do, as I'm very conservative about the battery. Anyway, hope you update your reserved post soon. I'd like to see what else you have to offer!

    TL;DR: thanks for the informative post. I downloaded some of your recommended apps.

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