Why I don't use iCloud

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    I have spent a couple of months trying to get iCloud syncing set up the way I want it. And therein lies the problem. Apple did not give me any options to set up syncing the way I want it. In a nutshell, I cannot set my outlook on the PC to be the "master" list, iCloud wants to be the master list. No matter how many different ways I try to sync up my PC, Mac Mini, ipad and iphone, it always seems to come back to the icloud wants to be the master.
    If Apple would give me the OPTION as to which device should be the master, then I think the whole process would work much better. And that includes options like merge AND/or replace data. That option doesn't exist. Now, maybe that is to hard to program into iCloud, not being a programmer, I don't know.
    And lastly, for those who will question why I care what is the master list, that comes from Mobilme loosing ALL my contacts not once but twice, forcing me to hand enter all the data over again, and Mobilme had more options when it comes to merge/replace/overwrite etc.
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    If only Apple provided some sort of option to back up your data in case something like this happened, then you wouldn't have to worry about this issue. Maybe some machine-like service that could go back in time. :p

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