Why I returned the iPhone 6S Plus and kept the iPhone 6 Plus

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by janeauburn, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. janeauburn, Nov 27, 2015
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    Nov 22, 2015
    • 6S Plus was noticeably heavier, just enough heavier to make me realize how the 6 Plus was just light enough to make it not a burden to handhold.
    • 6S Plus's extra weight (and width/bulk) made one-handed use precarious, whereas 6 Plus is actually nice in the hand, the one hand.
    • 6S Plus was NOT noticeably faster in everyday use than the 6 Plus. This was a major bummer, even with "animations" turned off, since so much (bogus material) is written about what a "beast" the A9 chip is in the 6S phones. Maybe on paper. In real life? Not at all. I did several side-by-side tests for speed, and in some cases the 6 Plus was faster.
    • Both Force Touch and Live Photos were complete yawners. What's worse, when I realized that Force Touch was responsible for much of the added weight and bulk of the 6S Plus, I was doubly convinced to say no to the phone, as I was having to put up with more annoyance for next-to-no advantage.
    • Live Photos actually sucked. I realized that if you wanted to take a video, you should take a video.
    • Force Touch saves maybe two seconds per app, when it's supported. It's a stupid right-click feature. Duh. And for that they want to sell us a heavier, thicker phone with a smaller battery? I don't think so.
    • iOS 9, installed by default on the 6S Plus, comes with its own annoyances. First and foremost, what's the advantage of the screen you get by scrolling left of the home screen? Stupid, if you ask me. And its presence mean you end up flicking your thumb more because you accidentally flick past the home screen.
    • iOS 9 task switcher: Actually worse than iOS 8's. It's too easy to "miss" the app you want to get rid of.
    • 6S Plus speaker: definitely more trebly, less pleasing, than the 6 Plus speaker.
    • The 6S Plus screen somehow seems less pleasing to read than the 6 Plus's: more colorful, somehow, and harder on the eyes.
    • Best thing about the 6S Plus? The more sensitive fingerprint reader. But even that had a downside. Often it was too fast, shooting me past the lock screen, which contains useful information.
    • PC Mag says the 6S Plus has circuitry that allows T-Mobile to work better inside of buildings. I noticed no difference at all.
    I'm sure there are other little things I'm forgetting, but overall this was a very easy call. I had no regrets about sending back the 6S Plus, and in fact I came to view the 6 Plus in a better light after having tried the newer phone. Somehow I think the 6 Plus will be coveted sooner rather than later, as 6S Plus issues become better known, if there are any honest journalists left out there (ones that actually have their own opinions rather than good googling skills).

    And don't listen to most of the journalists out there who tout the 6S Plus. Most of them are just working stiffs, like the rest of us, and they copy off of each other with regularity, citing the same tired features and pros/cons (when any cons are listed at all). There's only one guy out there who seems to be telling the truth, and even he gives the new model more of a pass than I would.

    I actually see more downgrades than anything in the new phone. Maybe things are different with the smaller version (6S), but the 6S Plus is a no-go, in my opinion. Worse than a no-go: It's a downgrade. Get the 6 Plus and be happy that you're saving some money and getting a better phone.
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    Dec 30, 2007
    Considering the 6s+ a downgrade from the 6+ really strains your credibility.
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