Why I went back to Android from the iPhone 5 - if anyone is interested

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by LorPGDL, Mar 14, 2013.

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    title says it all. before the iphone 5 i had a samsung note and before that i briefly used the iphone 4- until i bricked it with software :confused:

    anyways, i want to make this short and sweet.

    + imessage is nice to have, especially sharing photos etc is easier than using email (or whatsapp) and its not limited to phones.

    + general app quality is good, maybe a bit better than stock android apps (for example i use whatsapp + which is way ahead of the stock ios or android app, but i digress)

    + build quality, perceived value of the phone.

    + camera takes really nice pics, simple to use.

    + audio quality (either through apples headphones or my klipsch s4) was very good, very important to me.

    + screen is very sharp and nice.

    this is why i gave the iphone 5 to my mother:

    - itunes- what is apple thinking, i hate it, why does it take 10 steps to make your own ringtone (alright, i may do that once or twice total usage time of my phone, but still?) / why do i have to sync a whole folder of pics to get the one i want on the phone, i really hate that drag and drop is not possible.

    - screen size- the screens quality is good, but i found myself lusting for my samsung notes screen after a few weeks and just looking at a 4.7 inch screen made me pretty jealous ;)

    - 16gb - just not enough, i put a lot of my spotify playlists on my phone, after 2 months of usage i was down to 1.2 gb free, with very few photos and other apps taking much space. shelling out another hundred for 16gb i personally find a bit outrageous tbh.

    - cardio apps- i havent found a single app in the market that works as well as cardio trainer and endomondo (both free), probably the paid apps work as good but if you get something for free you kind a dont want to pay 5 € for it on another platform. :cool:

    - no toggles (really nothing major, but a very convenient feature of android)

    - notifications not that good.

    - no notification light (not a huge deal but nice to have)

    - no smart dialling

    - big one: swift key ( i have english and german installed ) atuomatically recognizes if the word is english or german, i switch a lot between the two languages and typing on the ios keyboard and having to switch manually all the time is annoying. blame it on mass media corrupting my german, but thats the way it is now :)

    - big one: battery, alright compared to my phablet note almost all phones look bad, but after a couple of hours listening to music and browsing the web the battery was almost dead, screen on time is less than 4 hours i think. not good enough.

    - i kinda like the different roms developers churn out, its fun to try out new stuff.

    to summarize, i would give the iphone 75 per cent, i really like the phone, but android atm is better suited for me.

    btw i also had the nokia lumia 800 before the note, but windows phone is was? just not good enough.
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    I wrestled with this when my wife switched from an Android to an iPhone. I shouldn't have to use the DOS prompt to rename a file to do this. Moving contacts was another thing that really bugged me. I only have to do it once, but it seems like Apple is making it needlessly painful.

    This is such a huge thing that would prevent me from going to an iPhone. I wished I had discovered it sooner than I did.
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    Mar 21, 2008
    here are some really great apps for newcomers to aNdroid and existing users:

    just wanted to share with you all.. give the following apps a try. i think they will come handy.

    All are available on Google Play store. Swype keyboard can be downloaded from its website. all are free apps.

    gesture search - hand gesture universal search. indexes everything on phone, contacts, apps, music.

    airdroid - perform 90% of tasks using wifi. no wire needed! transfer files, send/receive messages, app management etc. any computer through Opera, Chrome, Firefox or IE etc.

    mysms - send/receive sms through a website even when the phone is not within reach. the only requirement is the phone must be on and have signal. really handy in offfice or school environment.

    SWYPE keyboard - type really fast with one finger without lifting.
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    Apr 23, 2011
    in my opinion swiftkey is much better, but swype is not bad either. thanks for sharing the other apps, i did not know all of them.
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    Aug 9, 2011
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    Essex (UK)
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    Aug 9, 2011
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    I believe the current version of swiftkey has "flow" as well. So if you get that, you basically get 2 in one.

    I for one can't get used to the swipe/flow thing myself, but I use swiftkey religiously. It's the only keyboard that I use and I'm thankful it comes built-in on samsung note 2 (and it looks like it'll be built-in on the S4 as well).

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    Apr 23, 2011
    its a better version of whatsapp for root users :)

    whatsapp +

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