Why is Apple doing push this way?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bbplayer5, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Currently you have to connect to a server and simply wait for any data to be sent to you from Apple. After a period of time your phone will reconnect to Apple and the process repeats.

    Why cant the Apple servers simply send your phone an encoded text message that can speak behind the scenes to particular apps? SMS services already run on your phone, so it would save battery. Instead of being a normal SMS, use the protocol to tell your phone that BeeJive has a new message, log in! Then the phone knows that BeeJive needs a little badge saying new message... Sure custom sounds would be out, but who really cares?

    Just seems like Apple cant handle this push server stuff. Maybe thats why they bought that land to make a server farm in NC or where ever it was..
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    I'm not sure about this but here's what I was thinking was a better alternative.

    iphone holds an IP address and it uploads it to the PN server with it's ID.

    Everytime the IP changes, the phone updates it with the PN server.

    This way the phone is findable but there is no constant connection (less batt drain)

    Message into PN server from APP server then it sends a command (similar to NET TALK) to the device's IP address.

    Phone displays message.
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    Or that :p
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    Apple already uses the encoded text message for it's visual voicemail...

    However, the reason Apple isn't going this route for push notification is so that it works over WiFi just as well as the cell network.

    This allows those with iPod Touches to have the same expierience as those with iPhone's. As well as those of us who don't get cell service in our homes, but have WiFi.

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