Why is Apple pulling a break on AppleTV?


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Mar 7, 2012
What I can hardly understand is why do Apple intentionally break product with such a great potential like AppleTV is? And when I say this, I mean why do not they open it finally for App developers.

At the end, it also runs the iOS. OK, there are no gestures and similar "touch me"-devices principles, but still...

I am pretty sure it would be another cash-cow for them.

Or, they are concentrating their forces on "real" TV set and such pet project, like AppleTV seems to be, simply doesn't fit.

Zeke D

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Nov 18, 2011
I only bought the ATV because of AirPlay, the rest of it, other boxes can do better.

Looking forward to the REAL set top box.
A LOT better. With the exception of streaming to the :apple:TV from an iTunes library, Roku and PS3 are better boxes. I have heard rumors of iTunes-PS3 functionality but I can't find it anywhere.