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Jul 6, 2011
I am having trouble finding accurate info on the limitation of heart rate monitoring (being recorded OUTSIDE of workout sessions) by my first-generation (Series 0) Apple Watch...

For example, I don't see a heart rate graph in the Heart Rate app on the watch as I expected, despite running watchOS 4.3.1. Some posts said that S0 Apple Watch does not have this feature, but others did not. But the Health app on my iPhone shows that it is collecting my heart rate data even when I am NOT doing any workout or actively collecting heart rate data by manually activating the Heart Rate app.

Can someone clarifies this? Can my first-generation Apple Watch monitor heart rate in the background (not during workout) without user intervention? How can I get the heart rate graph data on the watch that is currently missing?


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Dec 13, 2010
Denver, CO
So a little misinformation here. The series 0 has always measured your current heart rate periodically throughout the day, and I am able to see a graph of that measurement on my series 0. What's not supported is measurement of your resting and average walking heart rate.
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