Why is my iPad Ringing??

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    My husbands iPad 4, as of about 10 days ago, keeps ringing, any time his iPhone is called.

    Although it has the ability to use a Sim card, we don't have one installed and so he only uses it at home on wifi.

    But all of a sudden, although there haven't been any changes i know of outside of an IOS update, this has started happening.

    I just looked at the FaceTime app which I opened up and I see a listing of all call that have come in on his iPhone, but as they are from businesses, as well as personal calls, there is no way all of these callers are using iPhones.

    So what would be causing this?
    I might have installed his name and phone number to his iPhone in his contacts, although i am not at home right now to check.

    Hoping someone will see something I am not presently seeing that will be causing this and will let me know how to stop it from ringing.


    Yes, I just had it ring again as I was typing the above and it is somehow FaceTime related......but how do I stop if from ringing..... :p
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    You need to go to Settings>FaceTime and turn off iPhone Cellular Calls.

    You can also initiate audio only calls from FaceTime when this is enabled.
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    Thank you very much for that info.
    I forgot about it until it rang again this morning and looked this post up.

    I never realized it was an add on to to ios8.
    I just thought the hubbie had changed some settings somewhere but i looked everywhere of course, than FaceTime :rolleyes:

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