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Why is the feed of the NEW tab in Apple Music region based and not global based?


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Apr 23, 2004
I live in Japan so my Apple ID and thus Apple Music account is Japanese based. With most Japanese music being crap JPOP the NEW tab in Apple Music shows mostly horrendous music totally unrelated to the global market.

Of course I'm not just thinking for myself here. All my Japanese friends want to see NEW stuff from UK/US.

As an example, Japanese jazz artists compared with American jazz artists. Totally different and obviously jazz greats means American Jazz and not Japanese jazz. Everyone who listens to jazz obviously has the jazz greats in mind.

I think this is a huge oversight and they should've had a feature that allows you to choose the region you want fed to you without needing to sign up for a different account OR they just should have had it all global based.

As you can see by my screen shot unless the NON-Japanese artist is ultra famous in Japan i.e. AC/DC, I mostly get a fee based on the region of my account.

I do not want this. I want to be fed things from the region I want to choose !! Damn you Apple.


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