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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by vid5331, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Apr 8, 2007
    Hello i am (or was) saving up for a Mac Pro because some Apple reps said they were going too drop the price on the ones with quad core i knew it wasnt going too be any kind of dramatic lower price i thought they might take about $100 off of the total but i got on there website and clicked that configure and now they dont have an option for the 160GB hdd as they did before... and before this, the price was lower.. now i am thinking about getting or building a good Windows XP pc and getting Pro Tools on that unless i can find a Mac Pro for about $2000-$2300 maximum.. i was going too get the 2.0Ghz and upgrade too maybe 2GB or maybe 3GB of RAM later on my own time, i don't mind getting a used or refurbished Mac Pro if someone can tell me a good place too buy it. Thank you.. Peace. .........

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    Please use shift key and full stop.

    (Trying to make sense of post)

    If you need it now, then I don't really have any opinion. If you can wait, try and wait a few months. There is a good chance Apple will do a proper update of the Mac Pro soonish, as opposed to just offering 3Ghz Clovertowns. There has been talk that Apple will be using the X2900 GPU, which is yet to be released, with the Stoakley/Seaburg platform, and probably a processor update. Apple could easily be waiting for AMD to release their new GPUs before updating the Mac Pro properly.
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    Please, they got rid of the the 160Gb harddrive, and now your thinking about building a PC? Clearly either 1) Didn't really really want a Mac 2) Don't need a Mac Pro.

    Also you might want to check Apple Refub store...here

    Currently there are no Mac Pros for you price range in the refub store...however you can get a Mac Pro 2.0Ghz for 2200..which comes in under your budget. Really how much was the 160Gb vs 250? A couple bucks, it was cheap to buy the HD upgrade from Apple now, then it would be to do after the market.
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    Sep 14, 2006
    If you're using ProTools (or some equivalent), why would you want a smaller HD? I would think you need the extra space for the large files. Anyway, try going for the education discount... take an art class at a local community college if you have to, but just get a school i.d. and save yourself some cash...
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    Can you build a quad core Xeon with slots for 16GB of fast ECC RAM for less then Aplle's $2400 price? Will the home built PC be nearly silent.

    If you don't need four cores and lots of high-spec RAM then maybe you should be looking at an iMac.

    I know one thing for sure. The home built PC will have nearly zero re-sale value in a couple years while the MP will retain much of it's value. So the total cost (what you pay minus what you eventually sell it for) is lower with the Apple product.
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    Jun 20, 2005
    to answer your question

    1. durability - well built and constructed
    2. POWER. oh lord..the power. i heard there is a significant drop in processing power b/n the 2.0 and the 2.66. Is the bus speed the same (don't have time to check).
    3. expandability - 4 internal Hard drives..yum...yum... and of course up to 16 GB RAM
    4. stability - i shudder...absolutely shudder.....when i think of making a pc work hard and worry about it crashing. i should clarify...not so much the pc, but the os...yes...xp or vista. ugh. mac os x is so incredibly stable that it's ability to power through heavy workloads goes highly unnoticed. to me, that is worth a ton of cash right there.

    if you need this for work, i assume you're busy enough to eventually pay for the extra money needed? if you're not making money and just doing it for a hobby, then a pc will serve you well.

    i would keep an eye out for refurbs personally. great prices.

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    i would try to the the fastest mac possible i mean why buy anything less then the best i mean that is unless you are really hurting for cash but then again why be shopping for a mac if you are that strapped for cash but seriously id get a mac pro anyway you can always upgrade it later cause its a tower


    Punctuation: it's there for a reason. :)

    But to adress your question, the education discount is healthy so I'd try that. Also, hard drives are cheap at newegg - get one from them when you order your Mac and install the new drive when the machine arrives.
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    If you happen to know someone with an ADC Premiere membership who has spare hardware discounts, if you sign up for a free ADC Membership, they can transfer a discount asset to you, if they're feeling generous.

    That will net you a new base 2.66GHz Mac Pro for $1,999 + tax. (Less than refurb or Edu.)
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    Actually, the Mac Pro isn't more expensive. Configure a Dell with the same chipset, processors, memory etc. etc., and it comes out significantly more expensive. The Mac Pro is actually a bargain.
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