Why is there multiple articles on the same thing?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by the8thark, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Why is there multiple articles on the same thing?

    My case in point is this:

    Apple Reports Strongest Ever Quarterly Earnings: $13.1 Billion Profit on $57.6 Billion in Revenue in Q1 2014


    Apple Q1 2014 Numbers: $158.8 Billion in Cash, 65 Billion Apps Downloaded, and 420 Total Retail Stores

    Then you add in all the other articles about written about the quarterly conference call and finding the information you want to know about the event tougher.

    Why is there not just one well written article with all the conference call information in ti so the readers can get all the information in one place? I understand why the event is split up into multiple articles. It benefits MacRumors in ways I'm not allowed to discuss. But you all know what I mean there. But I feel the readers are disadvantaged by it.

    Just my opinion in this matter, that's all.
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    The first one includes information from the press release and the conference call, which is quite lengthy. Many (most) people don't want to wade through the entire conference call transcript to find the interesting bits, so we pull them out into separate articles.

    With a wide-ranging conference call discussion, breaking down into separate topics also helps focus discussion in the corresponding threads. There's simply too much interesting info to give proper attention to all of it in a single story.
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    That makes 100% sense.
    If it means anything I'd like to make a suggestion. In the main (lengthy) article you could put links to all the sub articles (about specific points of the main article). So people can see it all from the main article and know which article they want to read and partake in the chat about.

    You do this well in the round up articles. And the larger main articles could be round up articles too or sorts. If anything, I'd appreciate seeing all the sub article links at the end of the main article.

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