why is there no Quicktime for Linux?


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Jul 18, 2002
I accidentally my whole location.
This has been bugging me for awhile, but I keep on forgetting to post it.

Why doesn't Apple release a Quicktime player for Linux? I mean, when do they have to lose from it, Linux adoption is growing by the day and a lot of sites require a Quicktime plugin, Linux users are missing a big part of the web because of a lack of support.

Is there some particular reason why there isn't (other than lack of demand or it that it precicely?)


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Apr 14, 2002
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apple actually released quicktime 4 for linux and dabbled with some quicktime integration through java. the quicktime 4 for linux is the basis of .mov support in things like MPlayer and ffmpeg. linux is also kind of competing with osx, as unix gurus have to decide whether to stick with the linux distros, or switch up to osx. at any rate, there is support for the quicktime 4 format on linux and mpeg4 is open, so that's no problem. the only thing that linux users are missing is sorensen (correct me if i'm wrong) and the availability of quicktime to other apps (although there are projects attempting to use the qt4 source to create a library that can be used in a similar fashion).


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Jul 22, 2002
Try the crossover plugin from codeweavers.

I haven't had any luck with it yet but maybe you will.


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Oct 28, 2001
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the latest version of MPlayer has support for quicktime.

i really dont think its necessary for Apple to spend the resources for a linux port.

Its a catch22 what the opensource zealots say about it too. they talk about how anything is possible with OSS and how everyone should do it. Quicktime is a major complaint of theirs. Yet if they are so capable with their OSS foundation to do so much for software, then there should have been a more than acceptable Quicktime player by now. The standards are open.


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Feb 2, 2002
Quicktime is one of Apple's flagships in the non-mac world. it's only reasonable that they port it. Linux has proven itself as a solid supportable platform, it's just a matter of time anyway...