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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by GFLPraxis, Sep 10, 2007.

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    So I was messing around and tried to shrink my Nintendo Games Database to fit on an iPhone's screen. I got it working, and it looks great in iphonetester.com on Safari 3 Beta...

    But when I get people to look at it on the iPhone, they report that it shows up zoomed out and they have to zoom in to see it. That's, obviously, inconvenient. Can anyone guess as to why it is doing that?


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    you need to add this to the header:

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=320, user-scalable=no">
    You can change the user-scalable to = yes if you want. That would make it so iPhone's can zoom in to sections of your design (in your case they could zoom into the cells of the table you are using), with it saying "no" your design will fill the screen of the iPhone by default and will not be zoom-able.

    For a lot more simple references check out Apples iPhone developer page: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/designingcontent.html
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