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Oct 22, 2011
HBO is supported as is Starz, more recently Amazon Video, CW, Hulu+, TNT.
SyFy, Showtime are not. Those two play the audio, but not the video. It can't be because of a video format issue because Apple TV USES iOS and if an app plays audio and video on an iPad, it should work over Airplay, right? And it's frustrating when a video will play on a content owners' web site (AMC) in a browser, but not on iOS apps or web browsers. Does Chromecast have these issues? Cantream ANY content from a Chrome browser to the Chromecast dongle?


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Aug 10, 2012
AirPlay audio&video requires hardware based decoding. Hardware based decoding only works with iOS nativelly supported formats. Formats not nativelly supported by iOS can still be played, but with app specific software decoding. Sometimes the audio may be nativelly supported by iOS, but not the video in which case you may get what you just described.

In such cases AirPlay mirroring (don't mix this up with airplay audio&video) is your only alternative.

ChromeCast has to my best knowledge limited support on iOS, so it is likely it will have issues too.


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Jan 19, 2010
I only get audio when trying to airplay Starz.
People get it to show video?
Can't even see it with mirroring...must be doing something wrong..
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