Apple TV Why JB ATV2?

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    Perhaps I am missing something but I struggle with the answer to why JB my ATV2 based on my use case. I can understand those with large collections of media not in iTunes format or folder and streaming from a NAS or server.

    While I do have a Windows Home Server and started out backing up all of my DVDs and BDs to it (fully auto using MyMovies and AnyDVD), my habits have changed and once I have watched something a rarely do again. So I rent instead of buy. I use iTunes Radio (have Match) heavily and it is missing when Jailbroken.

    I am seeking enlightenment on what else JB opens up, are there channels like the vast 3rd party Roku ones?

    I appreciate any input and directions to good reading.:)

  2. cyber16, May 3, 2014
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    XBMC or Plex and firecore products like infuse or others
    Addons / plugins such as IceFilms Navi-x when they get their new servers up again and many many more ;)
    Not saying the ATV2 is the best for this, as it is not, there are many devices supported by both xbmc & plex. It just enriches the atv2 experience

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