Why Jobs likes the iPad so much...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Tha Professor, Jan 28, 2010.

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    The last bit the the hype machine was Steve Jobs claiming that this is the best thing they have (he has) ever done. That I believe made all of our hope rise real high. All MR expected something new that we didn't know about, but most of the rumors came out true, so we are all a bit unhappy... But still I think iPad will be immense success and I totally know why Jobs thinks so as well..

    I went spoiler free and woke up at 7AM to watch the keynote (i loved the joke about netbooks, that kicked off really nice)... I was a bit struck when I saw the "big touch". and continued to watch with lukewarm smile hoping for that big hardware/apple ecosystem/ plus that they are gonna bring.

    Then Steve sat down on the sofa and started to play around.. I was thinking, are these his favorite sites? and he sat there smiling, in love with his toy. "I tap on that"..."it is beautiful"..."i can zoom in"..."this is the best way i ve ever browsed the web"... and then I realized.. Steve is getting old!! He sat there in dreams and was putting up features "as the best" that were already clear in the firsts seconds to everyone that has ever held an iPhone in his hands.

    And so Steve created the tablet of his dreams - an iPad that will be a hit in all families around the world. I can so imagine my mom replacing her iBook for this iPad to read her evening papers or to plan a trip. I really see my dad looking for useless apps and read morning politics commentaries.. I can see how we pass it your family during anniversaries to show photos. And everyone will have their books and movies on there to share. This is no laugh at the old folks! This is reality of 21st century! there will be one in each family. it won't get lost. it won't be unused... you browse your facebook in 10 seconds and put it down, no need to turn up your computer, nothing. This is for all the people that have already some knowledge of computers but were actually really bothered by the whole OS stuff. there is nothing to go wrong with the iPad, you cannot delete your valuable files by clicking on something, you can let your kids play with it, whatever... That's why it is the best thing Steve ever did. He doesn't need to touch a computer in his life (if he wanted not to..). He wants to enjoy whatever he is doing and don't be bothered by anything!

    Us, we will be unhappy, as lot of us are here geeky in someway, but for our friends and family that don't give a damn - it is an amazing product..
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    Amen brother, i am right there with you.!

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