why Logitech USB Headset??

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    Jan 12, 2011
    I have a Logitech USB Headset I had bought, it is PC and PS2 compatible. However, Logitech has no info on the product and no drivers as it is Plug & Play under the Windows OS.

    I have it plugged into my Linux box and it gets detected. in Hardware, but shows under "other unknown devices"

    I ran alsaconf in hopes to get it working, but no luck.

    I need it for SkyPE, while I am able to select it in SkyPE the headset just does not work, no headphone sound no mic working.

    ^^ Here is how it looks in Mandriva, the module snd thing got installed when I plugged it in, had to insert the Mandriva DVD to install, but again, not working.

    Anyone know of this as being an issue, or know of a way to get it working?

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