Why my ibook recognizes an external mic, but is unable to record ??

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by igmolinav, Mar 20, 2009.

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    My post is a bit similar to the post of the man who wrote a post below.

    The difference is, that opposed to him, I am in fact using Garage Band to create a podcast. I am also using an external mic. And even though the external mic gets recognized by my ibook G4, it is for some reason not allowed to record. (Yes, my ibook recognizes it, however, the ibook won't pick up any minor sound with the external microphone. A person at a small recording studio here in my city made me realize this, as I thought the problem was other).


    In advance, thank you very much and kind regards,


    P.S. By the way, I had already tried two options and neither one worked out. For option number one, I used as preamp a product called iMic, in addition to the external microphone and the ibook G4. For option number two, I used the same products mentioned in option number one, plus an additional pre amp. The "success" was the same as before: recognition by the ibook G4, with the problem that one can not record into the ibook !!!!
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    In GarageBand are you choosing "real instrument" ?
    I think you have to change some settings around in GarageBand. Such as 'input source', change it from internal mic to your external mic.
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    Hello Shady,

    Thank you for your message. Yes, it is right. In system preferences, under "sound", one has only one option: to use the built-in Mic. However, as soon as one plugs in the external microphone to the ibook G4, the external mic gets recognized. The ibook itself "knows and realizes" it is there, but it won't allow it to record, and that is the problem.

    I also ask myself if it is really possible in the ibook G4's "nature" the chance to record with an external mic?? If so, is Garage Band a still adequate software to do it, because so far, I have no success ??

    Thank you very much again, kind regards,


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