Why Myriad Pro?

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    Of all the fonts, why did Apple pick Myriad Pro as their corporate font? Why didn't they stay with Garamond? Or if they wanted to change, why not Helvetica? What is so special about Myriad Pro?
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    Steve had a thing for fonts which was one of the early differentiators of his creations. Though serif fonts are considered "friendly" and are used to increase readability, especially for large blocks of text (think magazine or newspaper article), sans serif fonts are thought by many to convey a contemporary or modern feel. Myriad is clean, has a high "x" height for friendliness and readability but is not as common as Arial or Helvetica. There are interesting variations in the line thicknesses and Myriad also has a wide variety of faces within the family.
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    It's a good looking, versatile font. Does there need to be another reason?
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    'Cause it looks nice? :eek:

    Garamond looks awful in this day and age:

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