Why not 7+ to 8+-makes no sense not to

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by steelo3232, Sep 14, 2017.

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    May 25, 2016
    Can anyone tell me if my thinking is flawed here?

    The way carriers and APPLE have changed the subsidy game over the last 4 years to the "lease" game I'm not sure why someone wouldn't upgrade every year. I've seen a plethora of arguments here that the 8+ isn't enough of a jump from the 7+ to upgrade. Many have said keep the 7+ and wait until next year. Here is my argument as to why that makes little sense.

    1. A 6s PLUS (2 iterations old now) Gazelle will give you 240.00 currently. A vast majority of folks today, whether they can afford to or not, are NOT paying full retail for their phones upfront. They are using carrier or manufacturer lease programs. That is an industry fact. This is why so many people use the "they can't afford__________ but they can afford a new iphone every year" statement when lamenting people's priorities. I think Rubio made that statement when arguing health care and people paying for that before getting an new I-phone (like a surgery cost the same as an I phone)... anyhoo I digress...

    This fact is one that people have overlooked in knocking the "x" price tag. $1,400 give or take is alot of money UPFRONT.... spread it out over 2 years with no interest, 50 bucks a month doesn't "seem" like a lot. Price will never kill the masses reasoning for buying an apple I-phone because it can be financed by anyone who pays their cell bill on time every time.

    Moving on....

    2. If you were on the annual upgrade program and didn't get the 7+ and stuck with your 6s plus for two years you, likely this month, would have just officially owned your 6S plus having made the same payment for 2 years on your monthly cell bill. Now, you decide to get the 8+ or the X and you lease this phone as you did the 6S when you got it two years earlier. You have never really saved yourself the monthly payments of your device. You had 6s payments for two years, used a year old phone for a year, made the same payment and that payment continues now that you are upgrading again two years later since you have lease payments on your new 8 of x.

    So you lease the X or 8 plus and use the 240.00 as a down payment on the new phone of your choosing, you want to upgrade the next year, that 240.00 really isn't "saved" because the carrier will only offer you __________ depending on the promotion so in all likely hood if you sold your device that was two years old and put the proceeds as a down payment on your new device you would likely lose money in the end if you went back to upgrading yearly.

    So in the end with the 240.00 sale price from Gazelle the question becomes however small the upgrade may seem is it worth 20.00 a month to have a brand new phone... every year or not? Because in the end that's what you save by NOT upgrading every year. (disclaimer, I know there are other examples where savings could be more or less)
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    May 18, 2008
    I think this is a reasonable argument, particularly for the IUP. The reality is that nowadays, buying a phone is like leasing a car - you always have a payment. For some people, the $240 is worth not upgrading, but I would say that most would prefer to forego the $240 for a new phone each year.

    For me, my decisions are slightly influenced as I have two kids that inherit our two-year old phones. As such, in order to avoid 4 phone payments per month, we only have two while our kids are stuck with 2-year old phones all the time. After year 3, the phones aren't worth that much and we let the kids sell it and keep the proceeds.
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    I pretty much agree with you - I'm gonna pay another year's worth of payments on my 7+ and then sell for some small amount and start payments over, OR I can just trade in every year and have a new phone with, however slightly, better tech.

    I have no desire to go with the X at this point - just want to see how that's all gonna work and if I would really like it - I LOVE Touch ID and the size of the 7+, so I would just want to really check the phone out before I bought it and I'm not about waiting. ;-p

    Because of that, I already filled out all my stuff and am ready to order the 8+ with the push of a button on my app. I just figured why the heck not?!?
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    May 25, 2016
    we are almost in the same boat in our line of thinking. I am doing the same thing.

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