Why not just make the Apple logo the Touch ID sensor?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Steve686, May 8, 2017.

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    So there seems to be an uproar over the upcoming version of iPhone doing the "unthinkable" and putting the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone due to complications of mating the sensor under the front glass of an edge to edge OLED screen.

    If anything, why not just turn the Apple logo into a Touch ID sensor if the final determination is that the sensor can not be positioned under the front glass at this point?

    I personally don't care if the sensor is on the front or back, but there are actually people denouncing the back sensor design and reacting by saying they won't buy this year's model.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    Ahh. NM. Just read another thread asking...
  2. KnightMagic macrumors newbie


    Feb 15, 2017
    I actually think that's a very sensible idea and it's around the same size as most other sensors anyway.

    My current device has the sensor on the back and I actually find the placement very useful.
  3. reyalP macrumors 6502


    Oct 10, 2012
    I prefer it not be on the back myself but if it has to be on the back the logo would be a good place.
  4. joeblow7777 macrumors 603

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    My thoughts exactly. If at all possible, it would be better on the front. But if it has to be on the back, using the logo would be the most seamless way to incorporate it.
  5. Sixcranker macrumors member


    Sep 22, 2014
    The problem with that is with people who LIKE using cases and not every manufacturer will want to change up their equipment to cut holes into their cases. You can argue that manufacturers are going to have to do it for Samsung, but I see way more cases for iPhones then I do for Galaxy's.
  6. JPack, May 8, 2017
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    Apple logo may be used for wireless charging.

    Besides, the logo placement is too high for people with smaller hands to reach (women).

    It's much easier for the user to retract her finger to the new Touch ID location rather than stretching her index finger upwards to get an edge read of her finger.

  7. Steve686 thread starter macrumors 68040


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    The case makers would have to cut the back for a separate sensor from the logo either way. As a matter of fact, have you ever worn a thin vinyl or latex glove and tried to activate the Touch ID? It works with a glove on so the case makers could cut AND cover the surface of the sensor.
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    The logo CAN be moved to the physical middle on the rear of the phone.
  8. Littleman macrumors regular


    Mar 5, 2008
    Ha. Looks like your wish is happening. Great call.
  9. ForumChick macrumors regular


    Aug 11, 2017
    That leak is fake as my hair
  10. klky macrumors member


    Oct 30, 2015
    I've never used a phone with the sensor on the back but I would be concerned with the user experience. Obviously others, who have enjoyed success, have designed their phones that way so I can't totally dismiss the idea. I would need to try it for myself to be convinced though.
  11. Tom G. macrumors 68000

    Tom G.

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    Have the logo itself be the sensor. If it wasn’t fo battery life you could have the logo light up as well.
  12. markfasel macrumors newbie


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    I think the design of that would be terrible. I would much prefer (if they implement a touch id on the back) to be separate. Having tried Android devices in the past, I'm not gonna lie, a touch id sensor on the back would be fine to me (for just touch id functionality and not as a home button) as it feels very natural aside from the device sitting on the table. But picking up a device and resting your index finger on the back is a natural feeling and then implementing a software home button on the front.

    Aesthetically it may not be great, but I can say turning the Apple logo into the touch id is not just aesthetically bad, it's also not following a great user experience (it would have to look and feel like a touch id sensor, and frankly the Apple logo itself just doesn't look like that and therefore it would be poor from a UX design - Apple wont do that).

    My first choice would honestly be in the power button - although I have read that it doesn't appear to be there either. When I tested out the GS8 - I loved the iris scanner. So if Apple's FaceID / FaceUnlock or whatever it will be, works....then I am sold on that. That will actually be revolutionary - because as awesome as the GS8 iris scanner was, it was not as accurate as I had hoped (at least for me). This device could be what Apple has needed and the first truly innovative device since the initial launch of the iPhone 10 years ago....

    I for one, can't wait!

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