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    I do think Samsung has the minerals to dominate what I call the 'TV 2.0' market. However, we have yet to see what both Apple, Google and any other companies have to offer.

    As for anything else, well, they're doing pretty well at taking Smartphone marketshare off Apple, but Tablets they are falling short. Dunno where they are with Computers in comparison to Apple, but my brother has a Samsung laptop, and while it is cheap and plasticy, it screams at the price it cost him.
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    Samsung is taking market share off HTC & Motorola, not Apple.

    As for the article, it's linkbait garbage. Samsung doesn't have any media-content ecosystem, nor an integrated technological model that would allow seamless experience across devices.

    Apple has become what it is today by stopping being a manufacturer. Samsung's Core is manufacturing. Samsung is and will be doing well but "the next Apple"? That's moronic.
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    Samsung certainly has the manufacturing power, but HTC used to be my first choice as an Apple replacement.

    They weren't afraid to experiment, and their software was really nice. Their Sense UI even made Windows Mobile bearable, and drove Android and iOS forward because of HTC's neat addons like the Facebook contact integration.

    They made wonderful phones and had desirable features like DLNA support. I love their Flyer tablet with active pen support... almost like a mini-Courier device. I think that's where they were originally heading with it, in fact.

    They did clever things like silencing their phones if you turn them face down when a call comes in, and opening a notepad app if you pulled out a magnetically activated stylus during a call.

    Unfortunately, they seem to have lost their way after Horace Luke resigned last Spring from being their Chief Innovation Officer. (He had previously driven innovation at Nike, and helped design the XBox at Microsoft.) A rare and powerful talent.
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    Until Samsung implements full vertical integration across the board, they can't be the next Apple. Just an OEM with some standards. That's a far cry from the strategy that Apple took years to perfect.

    Samsung is more of a threat to other OEMs, and ironically, to Google.
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    Dec 16, 2011

    1)Samsung has maybe, 4 stunning individual current production phones (Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Focus S, and Droid Charge), the rest are OK, but the non-smartphones are just absolutely HORRENDOUS (I would know, I have one; Never get a non-Pantech/LG dumb phone)

    2)It's extremely obvious Samsung ripped off Apple with it's CrapWiz interface.

    3) Smart TVs? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard in my life. Why in the world do you need apps on your TV. I can understand things like YouTube or Netflix, but really this is taking it too far.

    4)With the exception of Series 9, Samsung's computers are ok at best.

    5)I never really liked their TVs. I found that others such as Vizio and LG have much better build and picture quality.
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    Samsung has everything it needs to be the next Apple, except for an OS. They have the hardware, but it's crippled by Android. If they used Windows, they'd be a slave to MS, just like Dell and HP. They need to step up their game if they're going to continue using Android, or get Bada OS more mainstream.

    My $.02

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