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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by kermitX, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. kermitX macrumors newbie

    Dec 28, 2002
    New York City
    This is the deal. I own an IBM ThinkPad A20m with XP Pro and I'm saving money to buy a new laptop by March. Now I want a iBook but part of me is asking myself - should I really buy an Apple? Don't get me wrong -I love Mac. I grew up with them. This new laptop will be the first new computer I ever bought for myself (The ThinkPad I bought off a friend for $500. I'm a playwright and needed a computer and it was a steal). But I'm wondering if I've been seduced by the XP world (I hope not). My goal is to but an iBook and an iPod by April. The question is why do you own a Mac as opposed to a PC? And why should I buy one? Help me!
  2. WannabeSQ macrumors 6502

    Oct 24, 2002
    since you asked why we like macs better, Ill start by saying that Id rather use a mac because the interface is more pleasing to look at than windows. XP is second and OS9 is third. I almost "switched" to PC back when I still had 9 and hadnt upgraded to 10 yet (waited for jaguar) once I got jag, I only used my PC when I wasnt home (it was a laptop, my mac is a desktop) I also prefer my mac because I love the Dock, it is much more usable than the start menu IMO. I alsp prefer the finder in OSX to explorer in windows. I also love the software integration, and if there is such a thing in windows, I havent experienced it. Also, the aestetics (sp?) of Apple computers are much better than PCs, IMO.

    Have fun with you choice
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    Kermit, you should probably get more than one opinion...
    NTFS Forums
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    This is probably not the best or most logical answer, but, here goes!

    The thing is, it probably won't be a life-changing, earth shattering decision either way you go, so why not buy a mac? They are very cool looking, although that is not a great reason to buy a computer. They are stable and easy to use, but you already are familiar with both systems, so that is not that great of a reason. I would propose that the best reason ito buy a mac is that it is a mac. It's not what everyone else has.
    You can walk into anywhere and find a PC, and you don't think twice about it. When you have a mac, you notice other macs, you notice them on in a magazine, you notice them when you see someone plugging away on a powerbook or iBook in a coffee shop, or see one in a TV show. That goes both ways. It creates a sort of instant comraderie (?) that people with PCs don't have or understand. It's an icebreaker and conversation starter. It is just fun. Sure there are downsides to owning a mac, but I have yet to see someone have an attachment to their PCs like some people have with their macs. Have you ever had a car you felt attached to? It's kind of like that. You notice them wherever you go.

    I hope this helps sway you.

  5. lmalave macrumors 68000


    Nov 8, 2002
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    I had a Dell laptop before it died (after just 2 years), and I decided to go for greater mobility in my next laptop purchase. The Dell was 10+ lbs. with case, power adapter, and all. The powerbook weighs half that (the power adapter weighs next to nothing and the iBook is rugged enough to just toss in my backpack. 5 lbs. versus 10 lbs. might not seem like much of a difference, but trust me, your shoulders feel the difference.

    For an ultramobile laptop, you just cant beat the value of the 12.1" iBook. I went for the $1300 800MHz model because of the combo drive - it makes a great portable DVD player and it's great to have the ability to burn CD's. I looked at ultramobile models from Sony, Dell, and Fujitsu, and their models with comparable features cost at least $1500, and in my opinion the iBook still had the better and more complete feature set.

    I really, really like OS X. The iBook has is the most legible 12.1" screen that I've seen, what with all the font smoothing in OS X and the iBook's very crisp display. And the iApps are awesome. iTunes is so great - it's the only MP3 player that I've been totally satisfied with (having tried probably at least a dozen PC versions). And if you have a digital camera or video camera, iPhoto and iMovie are also great.

    Get the 12.1" Combo drive iBook for $1300 from a reseller, they'll throw in an extra 256MB of RAM. Or get the $1000 iBook if all you need is a CD-ROM. Believe me, you'll be very satisfied with your purchase. I bought my new iBook almost 2 months ago now and I still think it's the best computer purchase I've ever made.
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    Sep 4, 2002
    Near a Mac since 1993.
    It's just more pleasant

    Take a look at the Forum specified above, the NTFS one. Read the topics. It's confusing. The PC world has some cool things, but it's not pleasant. Everybody is all high strung on the latest 12 Ghz P6 and the 600MB Radeon 16000 Video card, but most never use these things. If you are an avid PC Gamer, then it's different, but I doubt it if your looking for a laptop. Ask PC users what they like. Is it the speed of the P4's?-(For eMail or Word.) Is it that there is "more" software?-(Which do they, and YOU really use?) Is it gaming?-(Get a PS2) Price?-(You get what you pay for. Compare features.)

    Here are the advantages I find to using the Macs: 1) Hardware/Software that likes each other 2) An OS that gets out of your face, feels good to operate and lets you do your work 3) Great Apps included 4) Out of the box connectivity with digicams, DV cams, and other such devices-and SW to use them. 5) Friendly, helpful users willing to help each other 6) No MS licensing and privacy issues 7) Style. Regardless of what people will say, it's nice to visually and ergonomically enjoy what you own.
    Now don't get me wrong, PC's are not evil, disgusting things. You can get your work done on both just fine, and XP is a good OS. But there's just something that doesn't feel right- and that's way harder to explain.

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