Why so many problems?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by KurtangleTN, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Apple has told us time and time again we are better off with the hardware and software link that Apple has created with OS X and Mac hardware. We will experience good drivers because they are specifically built for it, we will have good quality hardware, and problems will overall be less common.

    So why is it that there seems to be this WiFi plague? Is Apple overworked with the iPhone, iPods, iTunes, Music Store, etc?

    Could this be a sign of OS X opening up to vanilla boxes? I mean after all if Apple can't seem to get their own hardware selection right why not put it up to others, with more and more pressure from third party "Clones", it just seems like the time of Apple may come soon.

    I think this is the first time (keep in mind I'm a fairly new Mac user, but have read, watched the past) I can really say Mac users are worse off than they were last year. Last year Leopard was close to release and Mac users were already on a stable and nice Tiger, everyone expected Leopard to feature that and add all these new features.
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    Around 100 of the several million Mac users have a Wi-Fi problem and you think that's grounds for Apple to be starting a Mac clone program.

    The Wi-Fi problem is not widespread. I've had no trouble. The other place in my town that uses Macs (a private ophthalmology practice) has had no problems. They have fifteen Macs. It's not a big issue. Sure, it is for the people who HAVE it, but it's the only thing on which you're basing your cloning argument.

    Yeah, Mac users are getting the shaft as of late while the iPhone gets the attention, but when buying slows because of it, Apple will listen. Where do you think they get the funding for all this iPhone crap?

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