Why so much hate?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by monkeylui, Mar 8, 2012.

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    I am reading different articles on the new iPad because I like to see the thoughts from the bloggers & journalists. But then you get to the comments & there is sooooo much hate for apple. I let myself get riled up & affected & end up responding. I do it in a mostly respectful manner, but there are so many misconceptions that I go in to state the facts. I just don't understand. I do my research on products before commenting on them, I don't see that from apple haters. I shouldn't let it get too me. Lol. It's just annoying. Especially when they still mention flash. Ugh, what a tired argument.
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    There are many who would love to see Apple make a mistake.
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    i get it. people get worked up into a frenzy over the apple stuff, and people who have bought into other platforms or even just earlier ipad iterations don't feel the same excitement and are sick of hearing about it. that's cool.

    i used to be one of them. i wouldn't bother responding. you'll just upset them more. enjoy your ipad on the 16th and wait for them to come around. or not. who cares?
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    Tired and irrelevant. Anyone arguing for mobile Flash is obviously not paying attention to current events.
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    C'mon. It's a new Apple product. Just as Wall Street is "buy on the rumor, sell on the news," Apple products are "get hyped up on the impossible rumors, bitch and moan on the actual realistic product."

    I think each successive generation of iOS devices has been panned by a vocal minority at introduction, followed by record breaking sales at which point the panned device is then lauded by all and deemed "hard to beat," even by the next iOS device.

    We saw for example when the iPad 2 was announce, plenty of people say, not worth the update...keeping original iPad. Now the "new iPad" is announced and we see a lot of iPad 2 owners state "new iPad" is not worth the update...keeping #2. And so the cycle goes.

    But yesterday's update was a typical update. Apple never goes "throw in the kitchen sink" nuts with updates. It's always only one or two items. This is a solid upgrade when you consider all the tech that goes into the screen.
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    That's what I always say. I haven't missed flash since the iPad 1 release.
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    People on the Internet love to anonymously hate extremely popular items, especially when made by popular /successful companies, especially when there's a lot of popular hype about the item. Avatar, literally the most popular movie to date, if you went by the internet you'd think it's one of the most hated movies of all time.

    This goes double for Apple, because of the long period of time where it was "Apple versus PC", where Apple projected a certain image of itself and its users. And because Apple's computers tend to be quite a bit pricier than the competition, a lot of people have this mindset that "Apple = overpriced".
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    Ditto what you said!

    Hate comes in a couple of different flavors:

    1) I hate them because they are big and makes lots of money - In the US, the underdog is our unofficial National mascot. Having been underdogs ourselves for the first century or so of our existence, we can identify with hate for a large, wealthy, aristocracy, in this case, King Apple of the Tech World. Not terribly rational at times (that 1980 US Hockey team was a fun thing to watch!) but part of our national psyche regardless.

    2) I hate them because they've brainwashed everyone - smart people that have a different opinion than the "unwashed masses" sometimes get a little snotty about it and come across as just trying to help break the spell all the sheep are under and free us from our worship in the Church of the Shiny Shiny. Sometimes the unwashed masses actually have the right idea and it's the intellectual that needs to adjust his opinion. The market tends to render a verdict over time and I would think a company with $100B in the bank should probably get the benefit of the doubt until otherwise proven to have made a mistake based on poor sales, etc.

    3) I hate them because I can't afford in on the fun - either because they don't have enough money, or they won't let themselves pay the perceived Apple tax, or they just spent their annual tech budget on another product, hate makes it all feel better internally. There's no need to feel left out because I hate Apple.

    4) General purpose hate - some folks just like to be contrary, buzz killing, purveyors of doom, gloom, and nastiness. They will not feel completely happy -- if that's at all possible -- until every smile is removed from every face in every corner of the globe! Until then, the masses simply do not, can not, or will not, understand the existential angst that is our world! These folks actually have a Universal Anthem: Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

    I'm sure they are variants of hate I've left out. Feel free to add to the list! And please, don't hate me for making this list.


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